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PAX East 2012!

Posted in News on April 9, 2012 by Matt

The weekend is over, and unfortunately I was only there for the Friday. I’ll be attending PAX Prime 12 for the entire show, and I look forward to it, as one day seemed to fly by way too fast.

I’ll start by talking about the keynote speech. It was delivered by Jordan Mechner who created Prince of Persia and Karateka. He seemed a little nervous, but was really good by the time the Q & A started. He also gave away 3 Karateka t-shirts that are not released yet. He talked about his life, and how he started it all on an old Apple 2 and finished his first game (Death Bounce) in college. It was never released, though a lot of people at PAX were encouraging him to release it. After he created Karateka and Prince of Persia, he decided to travel a lot and then pursue a career in writing screen-plays. During this, he was called to help with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time at Ubisoft. Since then, he hasn’t helped make any other games (other than extremely brief consultations).

He mentioned, during the Q & A, that the source code for Prince of Persia needs to be recovered from the old floppy discs he found before he can safely say that it will be released. Apparently, old floppies are really fragile and require just the right equipment to salvage, and so a specialist is coming to see him within the next little while. We will see what happens. He did say that the source code will be posted online for everyone if it’s recovered.

After the keynote, Jerry and Mike took the stage for the PA Q & A session, and it naturally started off with penis questions. I’ll just give you highlights via pictures and videos.

A story book was issued to Jerry as a gift, and then was read to the crowd. It was about a bear that lost it’s hat and is trying to find it.
PAX Q&A Story Time
PAX Q&A Story Time 2
PAX Q&A Story Time 3
This story book apparently spawned a few memes online, but I had never seen them. It was pretty funny though, and I wish I could remember the name of the book!

Next we have a group of Aperture scientists converge on Jerry and Mike.

The “black death” was issued. This year, the person who received it was chosen not by rock paper scissors, but by light saber battle.

Apparently, Jerry had promised some people that he would chop their trachea. His word was put to the test.

It’s not too often that you get to see a marriage proposal, but here’s one that I got to witness.

She is his player-two and when he doesn’t think he can go on, she is is press start to continue. Awesome. I wish them a happy life together!

The only other video I have is of the only game I actually got to play, which was Retro/Grade.

This game is a shoot ’em up in reverse. You start at the end of the game and work backwards. It’s a beat-based game, and your goal is to match up with all the shots that have already been fired. You are on one of three lines, and you hit x when you’re close to the projectile. Anything coming from behind you is an enemy projectile, which should be avoided. You can also use a guitar controller for the game as well, though I liked the PS3 controller better. Your score is in reverse as well, so your goal is to get to 0 points.

Right after finishing up my play-time with this, James from Extra Creditz showed up and I got all excited. I had to say hello, and I got a hug from him. He thought I was one of the booth guys though, so it was pretty funny in that slightly awkward way. We talked briefly and I told him I’d be at the panel later that evening. Unfortunately, he informed me that Allison and Dan wouldn’t be at the panel, but the panel was awesome regardless.

The rest of PAX went by so damn fast. Sean and I hit the “Stuff The Critisism! I want a Review!” panel, and the Extra Creditz panel. The review panel was all about game reviews, and didn’t enlighten me too much. It was entertaining though.

The Extra Creditz panel turned into a huge Q & A with James and random game industry people and was extremely awesome. I really wish I had turned on my camera for it.

The rest of the time was spent wandering around and then I purchased a starter kit for Warmachine (a table top hobby game).

Next PAX, I will have Twitter coverage. Then I won’t miss anything while I’m wandering around.


Want an Adventure Game? Support Double Fine Adventure!

Posted in News on February 10, 2012 by Matt

Yesterday, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer posted an ad on Kickstarter to create funds for a point and click adventure game.

If you back the company’s project, you will be entitled to a copy of the game (minimum of $15), and a lot more if you decide to donate more. Hell, one person donated $10,000 and now they get to have lunch with Tim and get a tour of Double Fine Studios. That is a hell of a donation, but very awesome.

I donated $30 myself and backed the project. Everyone that craves a classic point and click adventure game (like The Secret of Monkey Island), and wants something new in this genre, need to donate and help push the project. They have raised over a $1,000,000 in a day. The more money that gets put in, the higher quality the game, and the more extras that may get added. Donate here.

New Humble Bundle is Available!

Posted in News on February 4, 2012 by Matt

This did start a few days ago, but it`s not too late! Check it out, and remember that the money goes to some good causes.

This Humble Bundle is all about cross-platform games. All of the games work on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. It`s pretty sweet and makes a great gift. See the video below and click here for the website.

Mortal Kombat on PS Vita! YES PLEASE!

Posted in News on February 4, 2012 by Matt

Check out the video below, courtesy of Destructoid.

I cannot wait for this. The latest Mortal Kombat game is fantastic, and being able to play this anywhere will be a complete blessing.

Demos To Try: The Darkness 2, Syndicate, and Twisted Metal

Posted in Initial Impressions, News on February 1, 2012 by Matt

Yesterday saw the release of some demos online for some of the big releases coming out this month.

The Darkness 2 surprised me quite a bit. The controls are easy to use, the graphics are actually really vibrant and the gore is brutal. It’s definitely worth a shot, and it’s actually got me thinking it might be worth buying.

Syndicate is an online co-op demo, and it’s alright. I only played it for around 5 minutes, but it seems alright. Try it and see. If you have issues connecting, just keep trying and eventually you’ll get into a game.

Twisted Metal is also up and it is primarily a multi-player demo, but it does have a single-player challenge map for those not looking for online mayhem.

Resident Evil 6 trailer! YES!

Posted in News on January 19, 2012 by Matt

Just watch. It looks promising.

The Beginning Of Something Great: TheBustedCouch Comic Strip

Posted in Comic, News on January 14, 2012 by Matt

Recently, I started dieting. It’s a low-carbohydrate diet, and it’s really damn annoying. I’ve done one before, and lost a lot of weight, and I’ve gained some back. Time to lose it.

Anyway, this comic reflected a small thought I had the other day. I sort of pity Pac-Man. Poor guy.

Click the image to view. If you like what you see, show a friend.
13.01.12 - TheBustedCouch - Diets Suck

This is the beginning of a comic strip I plan to do at least once a week. Soon there will also be a fully functional website (, since I purchased the domain name yesterday. This means that, in another month or two, I’ll likely be leaving Neverending Gaming. I’ll save the proper goodbye for when it’s actually time.

Follow me on Twitter as well: Matt @thebustedcouch