I’m Still Alive!


It’s been a while since I posted and thought I’d log in to check out the blog. I’ve pretty much stopped making YouTube videos, and am just working to try and save money. Save for what? Well, not sure. Likely to go back to school. What am I going to take? Who knows!? Your guess is likely as good as mine.

I no longer work at a video game outlet, nor do I work security. I’ve dropped both of those jobs to work (almost) full-time in sales for a large telecommunications corporation. 

Video games are still being played, but less often and I can’t afford to buy them all the time. I’ve even resorted to selling and trading games in. No longer can I afford to collect them. Well, other than on Steam sales, but digital collecting doesn’t count. Right? I am up to 566 games on my Steam library now, according to my Steam profile. 

The temptation to make more videos or do a podcast or two is still there, but the energy and drive are not. Also, with some of the new YouTube copyright detection programs in place, it makes it difficult for me to post anything without getting a claim placed on it. Blah.

Anyway, that is about it for my update. Some games I would recommend people check out are: 

Ziggurat (PC) Steam Early Access. It’s actually a good Early Access game and is quite fun. Check out Jim Sterling’s video below, and be sure to subscribe. He’s a lovely man.

There’s a remake of Shadowgate coming out August 21st. It looks promising, and I am looking forward to dying a lot.


Olliolli is a skateboarding game, but it’s a side-scrolling bundle of challenges. It’s wonderful, but has a tough learning curve. Here’s a GameCrumps video.

I’m pretty sure I’ll just be making game recommendation posts from this point on, but I’m pretty inconsistent. We’ll see what happens.

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