TheBustedCouch Is Coming Back! Finally!

Hey guys,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything with the blog, so I thought I’d get back to it this week.

Return! Again!

FanExpo Toronto was on the weekend, and I was able to attend on Friday (couldn’t do Saturday or Sunday due to a bachelor party). It was quite awesome, and I was able to meet Victor Lucas of The Electric Playground and also Toronto Batman.

I made a few purchases of prints and other such things as well. Two prints from Romantically Apocalyptic, which is an awesome web comic that you need to check out. I will update this post later with the rest of my purchased items (which include a potted “plant”, an autographed Batman print, an autographed copy of Kill Shakspeare Vol. 1, Red Letter Media dvd, and Yeti: A Love Story from Troma Films).

Update: Here are the items I picked up at FanExpo2012. Sorry for the lighting in the pics.
Autographed print of Batman. Signed by Toronto Batman.
Swear to me!

Kill Shakespeare Vol. 1 signed by the creators.
Kill him!
Signed! Bam!

My special plant.
What's this clay pot?

Romantically Apocalyptic prints, signed.

Yeti: A Love Story. Best character: Sex Piss!
Yeti: A Love Story

Red Letter Media’s Vol 1 DVD. I tried to buy an old VHS of Night Court while at their booth. Too bad it was wrecked. 😦 I offered $5.
Red Letter Media dvd

Pictures of me with people:
Victor Lucas and I
T-Bats and I


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