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Planetary Annihilation!

Posted in News on August 31, 2012 by Matt

Recently, a game that I supported on Kickstarter hit it’s goal and will definitely be made. For those who enjoyed Supreme Commander, think of that game, but with the ability to move to the moon, or astroids, or other planets, and wage ware across the universe.

$20 can get you the game here.

TheBustedCouch Is Coming Back! Finally!

Posted in Comic, News on August 27, 2012 by Matt

Hey guys,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything with the blog, so I thought I’d get back to it this week.

Return! Again!

FanExpo Toronto was on the weekend, and I was able to attend on Friday (couldn’t do Saturday or Sunday due to a bachelor party). It was quite awesome, and I was able to meet Victor Lucas of The Electric Playground and also Toronto Batman.

I made a few purchases of prints and other such things as well. Two prints from Romantically Apocalyptic, which is an awesome web comic that you need to check out. I will update this post later with the rest of my purchased items (which include a potted “plant”, an autographed Batman print, an autographed copy of Kill Shakspeare Vol. 1, Red Letter Media dvd, and Yeti: A Love Story from Troma Films).

Update: Here are the items I picked up at FanExpo2012. Sorry for the lighting in the pics.
Autographed print of Batman. Signed by Toronto Batman.
Swear to me!

Kill Shakespeare Vol. 1 signed by the creators.
Kill him!
Signed! Bam!

My special plant.
What's this clay pot?

Romantically Apocalyptic prints, signed.

Yeti: A Love Story. Best character: Sex Piss!
Yeti: A Love Story

Red Letter Media’s Vol 1 DVD. I tried to buy an old VHS of Night Court while at their booth. Too bad it was wrecked. 😦 I offered $5.
Red Letter Media dvd

Pictures of me with people:
Victor Lucas and I
T-Bats and I