Warmachine: Repenter

This here is a Repenter Light Warjack from the game Warmachine. Warmachine is a table top strategy game based in a steam punk fantasy setting. I assembled and painted this model, and it came in the 2-player battle box starter kit.

Played a full game today against my friend Sean, and it was a close battle. He won right at the end by sheer luck. Shouldn’t have left my warcaster in the open. Got over-confident, since the rest of his battle force was pooched and he got a lucky charge in with his own warcaster.

Click the images below to enlarge.

Repenter front view

Repenter Right Side view

Repenter Rear View

Repenter Left Side view

This model was painted using Reaper’s brand of paint. I’ll likely be changing back to Citidel paints for the rest though.

2 Responses to “Warmachine: Repenter”

  1. Nice Work Matt, though you need some brighter lights for good model photography.

  2. Yeah, I need three natural light sources so that I can get a decent shot. My lighting situation is sub-par at the moment.

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