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Warmachine: Cryx Necrotech & Scrap Thrall

Posted in Warmachine on April 30, 2012 by Matt

Sorry for the lighting in the pictures. I’m still working on a better setup for taking photos.

These are the first models that I have painted for my Cryx force. Now that they are done, maybe I should finish the Exemplar Cinerators that I started last week.

Cryx Necrotech and Scrap Thrall


Necrotech - Right Side

Necrotech - Rear

Necrotech - Left Side

Scrap Thrall - Front

Scrap thrall - Right Side

Scrap Thrall - Rear

Scrap Thrall - Left Side

TheBustedCouch Comic Strip: Bearly Audible

Posted in Comic on April 26, 2012 by Matt

Working in retail can be annoying at times. There are plenty of small things customers can do to make your day slightly less enjoyable. For example, wearing headphones. Especially people that wear headphones while doing a transaction. It not only makes it hard for you to hear me, but also anything else in the environment. This brings me to today’s comic.

Click the image below to enlarge!

TheBustedCouch: Bearly Audible

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Warmachine: Repenter

Posted in Warmachine on April 25, 2012 by Matt

This here is a Repenter Light Warjack from the game Warmachine. Warmachine is a table top strategy game based in a steam punk fantasy setting. I assembled and painted this model, and it came in the 2-player battle box starter kit.

Played a full game today against my friend Sean, and it was a close battle. He won right at the end by sheer luck. Shouldn’t have left my warcaster in the open. Got over-confident, since the rest of his battle force was pooched and he got a lucky charge in with his own warcaster.

Click the images below to enlarge.

Repenter front view

Repenter Right Side view

Repenter Rear View

Repenter Left Side view

This model was painted using Reaper’s brand of paint. I’ll likely be changing back to Citidel paints for the rest though.

TheBustedCouch Comic Strip: The Return

Posted in Comic on April 25, 2012 by Matt

After PAX East ’12, I had a bit of trouble adjusting back to my usual routine. Going back to work was depressing, after taking a week off. Regardless, I am back now, and I have a new hobby: Warmachine! It’s a fantastic table-top game, and it’s an easy change over for me, considering I used to play Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 years ago. If you have any interest, check out the Privateer Press website for details on this awesome steam-punk based table top game.

This all brings me to the latest comic. Click the image below to view!

TheBustedCouch: The Return

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Review: The Walking Dead Episode 1: A New Day (PC)

Posted in Reviews on April 25, 2012 by Matt

Hey guys! Long time no post! Life’s been a bit stressful and chaotic the last week or two, and I’m finally back to playing some games. I’m a fan of the comics and the tv show, so I picked up The Walking Dead game on Steam. I pre-ordered, so hopefully I can win the prize. Anyone who pre-ordered can be drawn to make a cameo in one of the game episodes, so maybe you’ll see me there!

Anyway, the episode took me a little over 2 hours to finish. It’s not difficult or anything, it’s all based on character interaction and choices you make. Sort of like Heavy Rain, but in comic-style art, and with zombies.

What did I enjoy? What stood out? Story so far… , Art style, dialogue and choices, stressful situations

You play as a character named Lee Everette, you you start the game in the back of a cop car driving down the road. Things happen and you run into a little girl named Clementine. The story is yours to shape, depending on the choices you make, but I’m going to guess you end up with the little girl no matter what, and it’s up to you to take care of her. The story runs along side the comic’s, and you even run into some familiar faces. It’s all about the stress of surviving in the zombie apocalypse, and how people react to the events around them. Episode 1 is really just the introduction, so we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out over the next 5 months.

The aesthetic and art-style in the game are excellent. It’s all hand drawn, so fan of the comics and comics in general may appreciate this. On the technical side of things, the graphics don’t push any boundaries, but it’s good enough for me. The blood, the gore and the graphics nature of the comics is still here.

There are a lot of choices to be made in this game, and they can all have different outcomes. I’ve only played through the game once, but since the game comes in episodes, your choices carry over to the next episode as well. Who knows what could happen over the course of the entire 5 episodes? Could be good, but we’ll have to wait and see what they do with it. I’ll be playing through the game again and making different choices this time. Choices can also save or kill certain people, so if you lose someone, you lose their skills and interactions in the next episode as well.

Choices can also lead to stressful situations, and I expect there to be quite a few of those in this series. When you are making choices, most of the time there isn’t much time to make them. Being a quick reader will help you here, but you must act fast. I like this as it captures some of the panic that you might see in the comics when a character has to make a quick decision. If you’re one of those people that reads the comic or watches an episode and you say something like “Oh, I would never do that” or, “I would have done this instead”, well, play the game and see what decisions you make when you’re forced to make quick choices.

What did I dislike? What could be improved? Occasional camera restrictions, semi-clunky controls, sometimes not enough time to read all dialogue choices

While walking around, it feels like the camera is very restriction. I love exploring rooms and areas for clues and useful items, but it just never felt like I could look around much. It’s really not that big of a deal, but I would have liked more options while I’m free to roam around rooms and such.

Speaking of roaming around, it seems slightly awkward to move around with the control stick. Clunky and sluggish. It’s not an extremely important part of the game, as it’s really not about running around and shooting zombies, so this is pretty minor.

Sometimes, I found myself barely being able to read all of the options for dialogue. The stress of something bad happening around you, and making a choice is tough enough without reading what the choices are. I kind of wish they’d give you a little more time. I’m not a fast reader, but I feel sorry for people out there that are any slower than I am.


If you enjoy the comics, and/or the television series, or just love zombies in general, you’ll most likely enjoy the video game episodes (or at least this one). There’s a preview of the next episode at the end of each, and a cliff hanger as well, so you’ll be craving the next one. If you haven’t read the comics or watched the tv series, it’s not 100% necessary, but it might make things a little more enjoyable.

PAX East 2012!

Posted in News on April 9, 2012 by Matt

The weekend is over, and unfortunately I was only there for the Friday. I’ll be attending PAX Prime 12 for the entire show, and I look forward to it, as one day seemed to fly by way too fast.

I’ll start by talking about the keynote speech. It was delivered by Jordan Mechner who created Prince of Persia and Karateka. He seemed a little nervous, but was really good by the time the Q & A started. He also gave away 3 Karateka t-shirts that are not released yet. He talked about his life, and how he started it all on an old Apple 2 and finished his first game (Death Bounce) in college. It was never released, though a lot of people at PAX were encouraging him to release it. After he created Karateka and Prince of Persia, he decided to travel a lot and then pursue a career in writing screen-plays. During this, he was called to help with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time at Ubisoft. Since then, he hasn’t helped make any other games (other than extremely brief consultations).

He mentioned, during the Q & A, that the source code for Prince of Persia needs to be recovered from the old floppy discs he found before he can safely say that it will be released. Apparently, old floppies are really fragile and require just the right equipment to salvage, and so a specialist is coming to see him within the next little while. We will see what happens. He did say that the source code will be posted online for everyone if it’s recovered.

After the keynote, Jerry and Mike took the stage for the PA Q & A session, and it naturally started off with penis questions. I’ll just give you highlights via pictures and videos.

A story book was issued to Jerry as a gift, and then was read to the crowd. It was about a bear that lost it’s hat and is trying to find it.
PAX Q&A Story Time
PAX Q&A Story Time 2
PAX Q&A Story Time 3
This story book apparently spawned a few memes online, but I had never seen them. It was pretty funny though, and I wish I could remember the name of the book!

Next we have a group of Aperture scientists converge on Jerry and Mike.

The “black death” was issued. This year, the person who received it was chosen not by rock paper scissors, but by light saber battle.

Apparently, Jerry had promised some people that he would chop their trachea. His word was put to the test.

It’s not too often that you get to see a marriage proposal, but here’s one that I got to witness.

She is his player-two and when he doesn’t think he can go on, she is is press start to continue. Awesome. I wish them a happy life together!

The only other video I have is of the only game I actually got to play, which was Retro/Grade.

This game is a shoot ’em up in reverse. You start at the end of the game and work backwards. It’s a beat-based game, and your goal is to match up with all the shots that have already been fired. You are on one of three lines, and you hit x when you’re close to the projectile. Anything coming from behind you is an enemy projectile, which should be avoided. You can also use a guitar controller for the game as well, though I liked the PS3 controller better. Your score is in reverse as well, so your goal is to get to 0 points.

Right after finishing up my play-time with this, James from Extra Creditz showed up and I got all excited. I had to say hello, and I got a hug from him. He thought I was one of the booth guys though, so it was pretty funny in that slightly awkward way. We talked briefly and I told him I’d be at the panel later that evening. Unfortunately, he informed me that Allison and Dan wouldn’t be at the panel, but the panel was awesome regardless.

The rest of PAX went by so damn fast. Sean and I hit the “Stuff The Critisism! I want a Review!” panel, and the Extra Creditz panel. The review panel was all about game reviews, and didn’t enlighten me too much. It was entertaining though.

The Extra Creditz panel turned into a huge Q & A with James and random game industry people and was extremely awesome. I really wish I had turned on my camera for it.

The rest of the time was spent wandering around and then I purchased a starter kit for Warmachine (a table top hobby game).

Next PAX, I will have Twitter coverage. Then I won’t miss anything while I’m wandering around.

TheBustedCouch Comic Strip: Not In His Brocabulary

Posted in Comic on April 3, 2012 by Matt

While working in game retail, we have constant run-ins with “bros”. Bros are the kind of guys that, most of the time, come in and buy only sports games and Call of Duty, have fake tans, workout a lot, and talk in a language that I call “bro speak”. It’s mostly the latter that bothers us in retail. I’m sure most people know what I am talking about.
Click the image below to view the comic.

TheBustedCouch: Not In His Brocabulary

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