Games Purchased Sunday, March 25,2012 – Present: Resonance of Fate (PS3), Tales of Graces f (PS3), Bard`s Tale, and Dustforce

Resonance of Fate has been out for a while, and I`ve been meaning to buy it since it`s release. It`s an RPG and it`s combat system is quite complex, but once you get the hang of it, it`s actually kind of cool. I`m not really set on the story yet, as I`ve only played for an hour so far. The environments and setting are pretty cool, giving me a steam punk vibe, and the combat is all gun play. I`ll definitely be playing it more once I`m finished Skyrim…and Witcher….and Lost Odyssey.

Tales of Graces f
is the first in the Tales series that I have played, and it seems like a good game. After playing for a couple of hours with my friend Sean, I think it`ll be one that we will finish together. It might be a while before we`re done.

I picked up The Bard`s Tale on Steam for $5 when it was on sale, and it`s definitely a game to pick up if you like humour and hack and slash RPGs. It`s graphics are dated, but still worth your time.

Dustforce is a 2-d side-scroller, and it`s on Steam for $9.99, but I purchased it with the soundtrack for $12.99. I`m really liking the soundtrack, but I haven`t played the game as of yet, since I literally just purchased it before writing this.


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