Review: Twisted Metal

Here it is, The Twisted Metal review. I finished the game a few weeks ago, and now I finally have time to write this. Yay! This review is based on: a play through of the main campaign in split-screen with a friend, some of the single-player campaign (no difference to story or anything), and some online multi-player matches. The campaign was done in 6 hours, roughly.

What did I like? What was done well? Storylines, Bosses, variety of vehicles and weapons, destruction, soundtrack, 4-player split-screen

The campaign feels unique and doesn’t remind me of any of game (other than maybe old Twisted Metal games), and is divided into three separate stories for three characters: Sweet Tooth, Reaper, and Doll Face. Each one is tied together loosely and is in chronological order. I say loosely, because some events effect the next story. Anyway, each one is actually pretty fun and I really enjoyed the way they did the cut scenes. The mix of live action with cg gives it that old feel and it’s something you never see anymore. The cut scenes are not too long and well done. If you enjoyed the twisted stories of the old games, you’ll like these.

The boss battles are interesting. Giant monster trucks, mechs, and what-have-yous are intimidating, and fun to battle against. They have some interesting mechanics in place for achieving victory, and I appreciate the effort they went through. It was a fairly unique experience, as far as games go in general. The bosses are all gigantic, and all have there own unique feel. The final boss, I’ll leave mostly as a secret, but I’ll just say this: you are inside of it. Oh…that sounded dirty.

The variety of different vehicles in the game is excellent. It’s no Gran Turismo, but once you’ve played the campaign through, you’ll have a nice selection that includes a helicopter, a motorcycle and a mac truck or two. There’s also an ambulance that can shoot gurnies with exploding patients at other vehicles. Sweet Tooth can use his special to turn into a mech and run around. The helicopter (Talon) can pick up enemies with a magnet and drop them from high up. There are a total of 14 different vehicles to select and 4 different factions (clowns, skull men, holy men or doll face) that drive the selected vehicle.

Each vehicle can equip one of 5 mountable weapons: Machine guns, sub-machines guns, shotguns, or rocket launchers. The first would be mounted on the vehicle, the rest are carried by a passenger. There are also plenty of pick-ups, including: rockets, fire missiles, homing missiles, napalm, cluster missiles, remote bombs, RC car bombs, and more. Each vehicle has an emp shot that can temporarily disable enemy vehicles, and also drop mines. There are also shields and shield pick-ups and well as health pick-ups (duh). Some of the weapons are kind of lame, but a lot of the specials are quite fun. Some can be difficult to use, but once you get the hang of it, most are actually pretty good.

If you like destruction, almost every building in the game can be destroyed, or driven through. This allows for secret spots and pick-ups. It fits well with the chaos of the game and I’m glad it wasn’t left out or forgotten.

The game’s soundtrack is awesome, and filled with very suitable music. It’s been a long time since I last heard White Zombie’s “More Human Than Human”. That song and the rest of the metal in the soundtrack really gets my blood pumping. I found a list of tracks on a forum board, here on IGN. It’s safe to say that if you’re a metal head, you’ll enjoy listening to the game. If not, than you can use the custom soundtrack option to listen to whatever you want. Yay!

The game has up to 4-player split-screen. I don’t need to mention much else, other than it is awesome and I wish more games had this.

What did I dislike? What was done poorly? Only 3 character stories, race/checkpoint levels in campaign mode, connectivity problems with online matches, learning curve

This is fairly straight forward. I want more characters damn it! The character stories that are here are good, but I miss the variety of the older games. Unfortunately, getting more won’t happen since there is not going to be any DLC released for the game. I’m not even sure if we’ll see another Twisted Metal game with David Jaffe gone from Eat Sleep Play. I’m saddened by this.

During each character’s campaign, there is a checkpoint race that you have to do. They are not fun. This game was never meant to have racing in it, as some vehicles don’t stand a chance of winning, and getting nudges can lead to you missing a checkpoint, or being knocked off of a narrow pathway or off of a building. Once you’re behind, it’s extremely difficult to catch up and it’s not fun at all. Also, once you’ve missed a certain number of checkpoints, you die. If my friend Sean wasn’t here, I wouldn’t have made it through these levels. I wanted to quit the game, but Sean at least beat these levels when I couldn’t. They made me want to smash my controller. Not cool.

The very small amount that I played online so far was plagued by connectivity issues. I got booted so many times that I gave up one night. This is why I haven’t had much chance to review the multi-player online stuff. The problem was with PSN, not my connection, as I ran all sorts of tests to make sure that it was stable. The matches I did play were a lot of fun though!

The controls in the game are fairly complex. Every single button on the controller has a useful function, and it can be a bit stressful to get the hang out it right away. It took my about half an hour to start getting comfortable with them, and maybe an hour or two before I was even remotely confident.


Twisted Metal is definitely a throw back to the older games, and it does a fairly good job of it. From the split-screen multi-player, co-op and soundtrack, destruction, evil clowns, giant bosses, everything I wanted is in the game (set aside the lack of actual characters, and races). It’s fair to say, not everyone will agree with me, but the game is a lot of fun and I urge you to consider buying it. Get some friends together and destroy each other. It’s either an extremely good weekend rental, or a worthy purchase for fans of the series.


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