Recently Purchased: SSX (PS3) and BlazBlue: Contuum Shift Extend (PS Vita)

I was able to pick up these two games this past week. So far, they have seen a lot me.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Ext and SSX

The reboot to the SSX series is here, and it’s awesome. There are a lot of different slopes to traverse, and some really cool ideas being shown off. The only gripe I have about the new SSX is the lack of an actual multi-player. There are scoreboard and online challenges, but you’re racing a ghost, and trying to beat scores. You’re not actually racing anybody in real-time. I miss split-screen. Otherwise, it’s an amazing game and well worth a try. There’s a free demo, so check it out.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
is fantastic. I’ve had time to play through a bunch of the tutorial and the training, plus I took a swing at arcade mode. I’m currently keeping story mode on hold until I finish all of the story mode in the first game. The best part of the game for the Vita is the fact that no quality is lost, plus the controls are extremely well done.


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