Purchased February 21, 2012: Syndicate (PS3) and Touch My Katamari (PS Vita)

Yesterday, I picked up a couple of pre-orders: Syndicate and Touch My Katamari.

Syndicate and Touch My Katamari

Syndicate is based in 2069 with corporations that have taken over the world. Advancements in technology have made governments virtually obsolete. You are an operative named Kilo that works for one of the corporations (Euro Corp). You do missions to help keep your corporation on top (espionage missions).

The gun fights in the game are decent so far, with hacking adding in a nice flavour. If you find yourself in trouble, and the enemies have chip implants, you can hack them if you have the energy (which is fueled my adrenaline). This can make them commit suicide, cause their weapon to malfunction, or you can persuade them to fight for you. You can also hack enemy armour and turrets as well. Use everything to your advantage.

Touch MY Katamari for the PS Vita is fun little game. The touch screen and pad are used for a couple of new things, but otherwise, it’s similar to the other Katamari games.


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