Want an Adventure Game? Support Double Fine Adventure!

Yesterday, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer posted an ad on Kickstarter to create funds for a point and click adventure game.

If you back the company’s project, you will be entitled to a copy of the game (minimum of $15), and a lot more if you decide to donate more. Hell, one person donated $10,000 and now they get to have lunch with Tim and get a tour of Double Fine Studios. That is a hell of a donation, but very awesome.

I donated $30 myself and backed the project. Everyone that craves a classic point and click adventure game (like The Secret of Monkey Island), and wants something new in this genre, need to donate and help push the project. They have raised over a $1,000,000 in a day. The more money that gets put in, the higher quality the game, and the more extras that may get added. Donate here.


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