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TheBustedCouch Comic Strip: A Hunger…For Games

Posted in Comic on February 29, 2012 by Matt

Today’s comic is based on the ever-present struggle that some gamers may face every day. Take a look!
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TheBustedCouch: A Hunger...For Games

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TheBustedCouch Comic Strip: Neeson vs. Nature

Posted in Comic on February 24, 2012 by Matt

Today’s comic has been a few weeks in the thought process. It’s basically combining ‘The Grey’ and Neeson’s Cock together. If you missed my post about the Neeson’s Cock website, be sure to click the link and check it out. It might help you get the joke. Mind you, I think it’s pretty hard to miss the big joke here.
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TheBustedCouch: Neeson vs. Nature

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Purchased February 21, 2012: Syndicate (PS3) and Touch My Katamari (PS Vita)

Posted in In The Mail/Purchased Items, Initial Impressions, New Releases on February 22, 2012 by Matt

Yesterday, I picked up a couple of pre-orders: Syndicate and Touch My Katamari.

Syndicate and Touch My Katamari

Syndicate is based in 2069 with corporations that have taken over the world. Advancements in technology have made governments virtually obsolete. You are an operative named Kilo that works for one of the corporations (Euro Corp). You do missions to help keep your corporation on top (espionage missions).

The gun fights in the game are decent so far, with hacking adding in a nice flavour. If you find yourself in trouble, and the enemies have chip implants, you can hack them if you have the energy (which is fueled my adrenaline). This can make them commit suicide, cause their weapon to malfunction, or you can persuade them to fight for you. You can also hack enemy armour and turrets as well. Use everything to your advantage.

Touch MY Katamari for the PS Vita is fun little game. The touch screen and pad are used for a couple of new things, but otherwise, it’s similar to the other Katamari games.

Review: The Darkness 2 (PS3)

Posted in New Releases, Reviews on February 22, 2012 by Matt

Well, I finally got around to finishing up the platinum trophy for The Darkness 2, and now it’s time for a review. The main story was played through on “Don” difficulty first time through, and it took around 6 hours to finish. The Vendettas campaign was played through with my friend Sean, and we finished that in one sitting (2.5-3 hours).

What did I like? What really stood out? aesthetics, story, voice acting/dialogues, being a walking death machine, skill trees, the darkling

The hand-drawn environments and characters in this game are excellent. The colours are well defined and vibrant, and it has the comic book feel. The graphics are fairly standard, but the game is still nice to look at. If you like comics, than you’ll enjoy what you see.

Story-wise, the game is alright. You are Jackie Estacado, and you are head of the mafia. You have suppressed the darkness and have kept it under wraps for around 3 years. Someone tries to kill you at a restaurant and you have no choice but to let it out. You run around, tracking down who did this and why, killing anyone in the way. Someone wants your powers, and the darkness does not want to leave it’s host. There are quite a few characters in the game, and though the story is straight forward, the actual ending threw me for a loop.

The voice acting in this game is actually very good. It’s on the same level as games like Rage, where you actually go around and talk to everyone, just to hear all that they have to say to you. I spent a long time in the asylum parts of the game, just talking to the crazy versions of everyone. And the dialogue between Frank and Eddie was excellent, especially if you come back and talk to Frank later, when told to do so. There’s some great little tales that they tell.

Being Jackie, the host of the darkness, can be stressful, but ultimately you’re just a walking death machine. Rending people limb from limb, and spearing them with poles, or eating their hearts. All this is happening while you’re shooting with your own hands. It’s fantastic and you feel extremely powerful for the most part. The story is fairly straight forward and easy to follow, so most of the focus is just on the killing. I;m not saying that the story is bad, but it’s just semi-predictable.

With all that killing, you get dark essence points, and you can invest these points in different skill sets. There are different execution moves to unlock. One gives you health, another gives ammo, another armour, and yet another gives you faster power regeneration. Then there are swarms of carnivorous flies, and then gun channeling that allows you to shoot bolts of dark energy. One for quicker reloads, extra ammo in the dark, and all sorts of stuff. Once you get them all, you’re pretty much unstoppable. It’s a nice variety, and it adds that small leveling element that I like. It compels me to play more, since I want to see what gruesome things I can do next.

Throughout the story, you have a little sidekick called a “darkling”. This little fella is awesome and can be kind of funny sometimes. You can even pick him up and throw him at enemies. There are two instances when you get to play as him. It was fun the first time, but he doesn’t have much variety in attacks, so the second longer instance is a little boring. I found myself pretty attached to the little guy by the end.

What did I dislike? What was a let down? Vendettas, difficulty spikes, occasional glitches/bugs, end battle was too easy

The multi-player “Vendettas” mode is not exactly what I would call good. Mediocre at best. It has a very “thrown on for the sake of having multi-player” feel to it. The enemy AI is horrible, and the missions are not really all that special. The difficulty can ramp up at random, and then when you die and load a checkpoint, the game is way easier. The characters are not overly interesting, except the Scottish guy is kind of funny. Each character gets a piece of the darkness’s power, and have a weapon that is infused with darkness. It only took around 2-3 hours to complete the campaign, and another hour to finish the hit list. The final boss in the campaign was annoying and took forever to kill. The final boss looked cool, but it was overall an bland, boring and long battle.

The difficulty spikes are not as bad as Uncharted‘s, but there were two or three of instances in the game where I died around a dozen or more times and wanted to destroy my controller. This shouldn’t happen, and I don’t understand how developers can miss this stuff. At one point the game auto-saved and I was standing in light. Light in the game blinds you and makes the darkness powers go away. You don’t regenerate, or have any powers at your disposal. At the point it saved, there were two guys in armour jumping down to kill me. I died over a dozen times at this point trying to get myself out of that situation. Those two guys are followed soon after by more enemies, so it’s a serious pain in the ass to start a battle off so vulnerable.

With difficulty in mind, the end of the game wasn’t difficult at all. The last big battle was actually almost a joke, as I only died once when playing on the hardest difficulty. It wasn’t overly challenging, and it was underwhelming. At least the story has an interesting ending though.


The Darkness 2
was a fun single-player experience that had blood and gore flying everywhere, with a multi-player mode you can skip. It’s a short game, and you can get 100% achievements/trophies in it very quickly. My recommendation is that you get it if you really love the first game and are a fan of the comics. Otherwise, it’s either a weekend rental, or wait for the price drops.

TheBustedCouch Comic Strip: The Internet Holds The Answer

Posted in Comic on February 22, 2012 by Matt

When I first started working in video game retail, it was pretty awesome. You get to talk about games at work and get paid for it. The novelty can, however, wear off.

This is especially true when people ask about release dates, and it makes me wonder. Why do people ask me, when there are other sources?
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TheBustedCouch: The Internet Holds The Answer

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Purchased on Sunday, Feb 19, 2012 – Resident Evil Outbreak 1+2 (PS2)

Posted in In The Mail/Purchased Items on February 20, 2012 by Matt

RE Outbreak 1 and 2

Just a quick post. I was able to pick up both Resident Evil Outbreak games for PS2 yesterday. I used to have the first one, but I have no idea where it went. I likely traded it, since it wasn’t all that spectacular of a game. This purchase was strictly about owning them, and that is all. I’ll likely try them to make sure they work, but otherwise, might not ever play them. They were only $5 each.

TheBustedCouch Comic Strip: Limited? Edition

Posted in Comic on February 17, 2012 by Matt

Over the past year or so, I’ve made an observation while working in game retail. Limited editions are sometimes not so…limited. The comic will help get this across. Click the image below to see the comic. If you’re a gamer, you’ll likely get it.

TheBustedCouch: Limited? Edition

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Note: Sorry for the typo in the comic. It’s been fixed. That’s what I get for rushing during the editing process.

Recent Purchases: PS Vita Early Edition Bundle, Escape Plan, Lumines and Super Stardust Delta (PSV) and Twisted Metal (PS3)

Posted in Currently Playing, In The Mail/Purchased Items, Initial Impressions, New Releases on February 16, 2012 by Matt

It’s been a busy week, considering the releases that we have seen. All of the above, and The Darkness 2 have kept my attention quite well.

I’ll start by talking about the PS Vita. Little Deviants has some people seeing the mini-games as gimmicks and it’s being views as a mediocre game, but I am actually really enjoying it a lot. It makes use of all of the Vita’s functions, though a couple of the mini-games are not really for me (singing). My favourite games are the sky diving (using tilt functionality), and the bot game where you use the camera to look around and shoot the invading bots. Everything else is decent, and surprisingly, this game has kept my attention for the most part.

Escape Plan is a great game that uses all of the Vita’s motion and touch functions. You need to quite one or both of the characters in the game across an obstacle course, and use each one’s skills to help one or both of them as well. You can push objects with the touch screen or the back touch panel, and you can knock on walls to distract enemies, and trigger traps as well. Have a room full of poison gas? Spin the fan in the background with your finger. Or, if it’s a pipe leaking steam or poison, plug it with a finger. It sort of reminds me a little of the first two Oddworld games.

By the way, they should make a 2-D sidescroller Oddworld game for the Vita. I would instantly buy it.

I haven’t played much of Lumines: Electronic Symphony yet, but it’s very vibrant and is very cool. If you’ve played and liked any of them, I think you’ll like it.

Super Stardust Delta is just like the PSN game, but with extra features. The touch screen can be used to fire missiles or use black holes, and the tilt function can be used to look around a bit. It’s an awesome game, and is a must for $9.99, and if you loved the original.

I’ll make another post once I’ve played a bit more. I’ll cover Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2028 next time.

Twisted Metal PS3

Oh, and Twisted Metal. Yeah. Buy it. It’s almost everything I really wanted it to be. The only thing I wish is that there were more characters. The combat, the music and the level designs are awesome. I’ll cover a review of this once I finish the campaign, and play online a bit. Expect it in…a few weeks?

You can also expect a Darkness 2 review sometime soon. Once I get the platinum.

TheBustedCouch Comic Strip: Information Dump

Posted in Comic on February 13, 2012 by Matt

The other day, my friend Sean and I were sitting and talking about games. Syndicate came up, and we talked about the demo.

In the demo, you can hack remotely from a distance, and disrupt shields or even heal team mates. It got me thinking a bit, and that thinking has brought me to today’s comic. I would imagine, in a world run by corporation, there would be some pranks pulled at least once in a while. If someone can actually implement this into the actual game somehow, that would be awesome!

Click the image below to see the comic.

TheBustedCouch: Information Dump

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Purchased on Thursday, February 9th, 2012: Darkness 2, Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, Final Fantasy XIII-2 CE, and more!

Posted in In The Mail/Purchased Items, New Releases on February 12, 2012 by Matt

I haven’t really purchased any games in a while, so the other day I caved and purchased a few that I had on pre-order and reserve.

Kindom of Amalur, Darkness 2

The Darkness 2 has turned out to be a good game in the 2 hours I’ve put into it. It’s a lot of fun to be a walking death machine. You play as Jackie, a mob don that has a special demonic entity living within him, and you are attacked by an unknown group of people who want to take it from you. You spend the game figuring out why they want it and who they are, and ultimately, killing a ton of people. We will see how it all turns out soon, as I plan to beat this game quickly.

Kingdom of Amailur: Reckoning had a demo that caught me off guard. It was a pleasant surprise, so I had to pick it up. It’s a fantasy role-playing game and it;’s rumored to have around 200 hours to fully complete the game. I haven’t put much time into the game so far, but the demo was fantastic. Definitely give the demo a download and try it out.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 CE

FF XIII-2 Game Disc and Concept Art

Final Fantasy XIII-2 CE Soundtrack

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was a game I was skeptical about, and I haven’t even played through it’s predecessor. The collector’s edition was sitting there, and I couldn’t just leave it. I got it, and above are some pictures of the contents.

Uncharted Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048

The PS Vita is only a few days away, but the some of the games are not street dated, so they can be sold already. Since I had a couple of games already paid off, I decided to pick up my copy if Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wiepout 2048.

Ar Tenelico 2 CE

Ar Tenelico 2 has been sitting in the PS2 drawer at work for a long time now, and the actual game case is still sealed. Unfortunately, the actual game box is gone, so this is not complete, but I still picked it up for only $20. I haven’t played any of this series, and I do have the current one for PS3 as well. Someday I will play them. Hopefully they are good.

Conduit 1 and 2

It’s not too often that I pick up Wii games, the The Conduit 1 and 2 are both down in price, so I decided to get them. The second one has split-screen co-op, so that will be nice. These are supposed to be the better shooters for the Wii, that are at least exclusive. I got both for less than $30 combined. They are in good shape, but Conduit 1 is missing it’s manual. Oh well.

Y's Chronicles 1&2 and Power Stone Collection

Y’s Chronicles 1 & 2
was down in price, and so was Power Stone Collection, both games I had been meaning to get eventually. Y’s is a series I have not touched yet, and I’ve been told that I should. So I am. There, are you happy now? It was a little less than $19.99.

I only ever played Power Stone on the Dreamcast in demo form, so I am excited to finally be able to play a full game. The collection was less tan $5.

Midway Collection Vol 3 and Jack and Daxter Lost Frontier

Midway Arcade Treasures Vol. 3 has racing games on it, and among them is Rush 2049, and Rush the Rock. Those are what I got it for, and it cost me less than $1.

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
is a platforming game exclusive to Sony. They recently released an HD collection for some of the games in the series, but this one isn’t in that. I picked this up for less than $15.

I’m not sure when I am going to play most of these games, but I will. Someday.