Recent Purchases: Silent Hill 2 and Warhammer 40,000: Firewarrior (PS2)

Back a while ago, I purchased Silent Hill 2 and Firewarrior from E-bay, and about 2 weeks ago, I received them.

Now that I have had time to play both of them, I can safely say that they work perfectly fine.

Silent Hill 2 and Firewarrior

Firewarrior is a game I missed out on completely, and with my recent play-through of Space Marine, I felt that I needed to get this game. It is actually pretty decent, so there’s a chance I may play through it someday soon.

Back in 2001, when Silent Hill 2 came out, I picked it up, but I never finished it. I sold it after a while, and now I finally got it back. With my recent play-through of the first game finished (and the start of my second play-through started), I feel it’s only appropriate to play the second game through.

The Silent Hill HD Collection comes out in March, so I will be picking that up. I forgot just how awesome these games are, and I encourage everything that enjoys scary games to play them through if they haven’t already.


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