Purchase for Tuesday, Jan 10, 2012: Eschalon: Book 1 (Steam), Crysis (PSN)

Recently, I’ve been really getting into Avadon: The Black Fortress, and other games similar to it. I tried the demo for Eschalon: Book 1 and loved it, so I picked it up.

In it, you actually roll your character’s stats and pick different skills that you want to be proficient in. It’s a turn-based combat system, and it’s not the best looking game, but I like it nonetheless. These kinds of games take me back to the first Fallout and Baldur’s Gate days.

Crysis is reduced to a little over $10 now for PSN Plus members, so I snagged it. I already have it for PC, but I wouldn’t mind playing through it again. Other than the graphics being a little muddy, and the pop-up, it’s a pretty good port.

With this purchase, I am announcing it as my final one until mid February. Basically, I’m not buying anything until the PS Vita launches.


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