Recent Purchase: Humble Bundle #4 (Cave Story, Night Sky, Gratuitous Space Battles)

There are more games to the bundle than the ones I have listed, but the ones that I did list are the ones that I didn’t already own.

Cave Story is a 2-D side-scroller that has you as a kid in a cave battling against monsters. I haven’t made it too far, but I am pretty sure the typical story applies. Save the girl from the bad guys. You get different weapons and power ups as you go through the game, and can even gain experience points. It takes a little getting used to using a key board to play it, but it’s definitely a fun game.

Night Sky has you solving physics based puzzles. You roll a ball across the screen and manipulate either it or the environment or gravity to get it from one side of the screen to it’s objective. It seems alright, but I’ve only invested 10 minutes so far.

Gratuitous Space Battles is the game that has most of my attention. It’s a game where you can customize space ships and arm them for battle. You can set up formations and commands in your deployment and then you start the battle. You have no direct control over the battle after it begins. You watch and hope that your ships and their given orders are going to win the battle. Each map has different limitations and rules, so you have to customize your ships and their orders accordingly. As you win battles, you earn honor points and you use them to buy new parts for your ships. It’s very easy to lose hours at a time in this game just building stuff.

The Humble Bundle #4 also comes with Bit Trip Runner, James Town, Shank, and Super Meat Boy. It’s an awesome way to make a donation to charity and get some great games in the process. Definitely check it out.


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