Purchases for Friday, December 9, 2011: Rayman Origins (PS3), Saints Row The Third (PS3), and Dream Fall The Longest Journey (XBOX)

This weekend is the employee appreciation sale for GameStop, and so we got more of a discount than usual. With that, I decided to pick up some games.

Rayman Origins
Rayman Origins is a 2-D platformer, and it’s a beautiful game. The colours are so vibrant, animations are smooth and everything is so crisp. It controls well, and has great gameplay and lovable characters. It’s such a great game, and I’m so glad I picked it up.

Saints Row The Third
Saints Row The Third was traded in the other day, and so I set it aside for myself to pick up today. The online pass that was still in the case was not used and still valid, so I lucked out. It’s got a good character creator, and the opening stuff is very action packed. It’s essentially an over-the-top version of GTA. Enjoyable, and very silly are my initial impressions.

Dream Fall The Longest Journey
Dream Fall: The Longest Journey is a game I already owned on PC, but saw it traded in and decided to pick it up for the XBox. It’s in mint condition and only cost me a little over $5.


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