Resistance 3 Review

It’s been quite a while since Resistance 3 came out, but I finally sat down and finished the game. I played through the single-player campaign using the Move controls, except for an hour or two of which was done in split-screen co-op with a friend of mine. Other than the co-op, not much of the multi-player got touched by me. I did play some team deathmatch and point capture during the beta, but that was it. The game’s single-player took roughly 12 hours to complete, give or take an hour or so, and was done on the Difficult difficulty setting.

What did I like? What was done well? Graphics, Gore, Sound and Atmosphere, Characters and voice work, Co-op, Health Management, Controls

The graphics in Resistance 3 see a big improvement over the second game. The creatures seem a lot more detailed, and so are the environments. Explosions and lighting effects are spot on, and do well to help create a good atmosphere. Insomniac has done a great job.

Gore factor in the series has gone way up from what I recall. Enemy heads will explode, limbs fly off in explosion, and blood flies everywhere. Cocoons and egg sacs are slimy and pop open exposing the dead body within when you shoot them. It’s all very satisfyingly gross and wonderful.

This game should be played using surround sound. Hearing a growl from a monster that has snuck up behind you can sometimes be heart stopping. Or when in a battle, with explosions all over the place and weapons firing with their distinct sounds, the sound really kicks in. Hearing monsters scream in the distance, or hearing their foot steps in another room, everything is done really well in the sound department. Get some decent surround speakers or a good head set and enjoy.

The characters that you run into on your journey are all there for a purpose and they all make sense. The voice work in all of the scenes seems spot on. Now, I didn’t fall in love with them like the characters in Uncharted for example, but I didn’t hate any of them either. Well, except for the ones that are meant to be hated. Even though the main story was a bit generic, the characters within helped a lot while trudging through.

Resistance is a series which is popular for it’s co-op campaign. In 3, they’ve done something excellent. When you’re playing through the campaign on single-player, you can have a friend join you or leave at any time, and it doesn’t disrupt a thing. No starting a new campaign with a friend to have your single-player game overwritten. All you do is get another controller and let them join you or start a campaign with a friend and continue playing it alone if they aren’t around. No hassles. This may be in other games, but this is my first time experiencing that, and I like it. A lot.

Health pick-ups are a good thing. This is a small aspect of the game overall, but I think it makes things a bit more interesting and challenging when you do not have a regenerating health bar. You have to actively search out and find health pick-ups in this game. None of this boring wait in cover until you recover deal.

Move controls are something I couldn’t quite grasp in Killzone 3, and it worried me that Resistance 3’s Move set-up might be horrible as well. It’s a good thing I tried them out, because it seems a lot better than I was expecting. It’s very accurate once you get the hang of it. The only down side is that turning seems to be really sluggish sometimes. It took me around 30-45 minutes to get used to the controls, but after that it was smooth sailing. They’re responsive and as well laid out as I think they can be.

What did I dislike? What needs improvement? Storyline, Cut Scenes, Needs Move Support for Split-Screen

The storyline was, well, fairly generic. It’s all been done before. You’re name is Sam and you have to leave your wife and kid to help a scientist destroy a large structure in New York City. If you don’t, mankind will be killed as the planet is being terraformed to suit the Chimaera (it’s getting really fucking cold). It’s not the worst storyline, but it’s nothing special. Could have been better.

Cut scenes throughout the game seemed stiff. I don’t know how else to describe them. They just rubbed me the wrong way in the animation department. It might be something to do with the lip and mouth movements. Hugging and kissing animations were a bit weird and jerky as well. Not a huge complaint really…but it still bothered me enough to mention.

Killzone 3 had the same issue, and it is that there’s no support for Move in split-screen multi-player. I don’t know why this is an issue, but someone needs to implement this into a shooter like this sometime soon. It’s annoying.


Resistance 3 is, in my opinion, the best game in the series. It’s more brutal, has some good multi-player co-op and, from what I saw in the beta, has good online multi-player support as well. If you don’t have a Move set-up yet, and have a chance to get the Doomsday Bundle, it’s worth it in my opinion. It also supports 3-D and is compatible with the new Sony PS3 3-D TV. If you’re looking for a good game to play with a friend over a week or so, want to blast some aliens/mutants, or you enjoyed the other Resistance games, then pick it up.


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