House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut (PS3) Review

HotD Overkill is an on-rails shooter that came out a while back on the Wii, and was re-released for the Playstation Move this year. This edition has updated graphics, more game modes and option and it seems like it’s a lot more fun. My girlfriend and I finished the game through twice on the story mode and extended cut, and tried out the extra modes.

What was done well? What did I like? Multi-player, Modes, Control and Graphics update, Grindhouse Feel, Point system, Hidden Items

The game seems primarily built around playing with a friend. It’s good to play by yourself, but it’s just way more fun competing with someone for points and combos. There are mini-games that you unlock as well, and up to 4 players can partake in these. There’s a target shoot, a kind of horde mode where you kill waves of enemies, and there’s a civilian rescue one as well. Up to 2 players can do story mode and extended cut together.

There are a few different modes to choose from, and you unlock more after you beat the story mode. There’s hardcore mode, which means head shots only. There is classic mode, which is pistols only. Extra mutants is another mode that adds…well…extra mutants. There are a few others, but I didn’t use them. One is a 3-D mode, so I couldn’t very well use that (no 3-D display). This spices up the game a little bit and adds new challenges and gives some replay value to it.

There has definitely been a huge improvement over the original Wii version in the graphics department. There’s more detail to everything and it’s overall a lot nicer to look at. The controls seem a lot better, are well laid out and seem a bit more responsive.

The story in the game is not to be taken seriously, and that is the best part. This allows for outrageous scenarios and crazy characters, as well as creatures. If you enjoyed Grindhouse (Planet Terror), then you’ll probably like this game. There’s a mad scientist, revenge, blood and well endowed women. Quite a combo.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a point system in the game, and by not missing and getting long combos, you can increase your scores. Head shots score more points as well as item pick ups. It’s fairly typical, I guess, but it made things a bit more competitive for me and my girlfriend.

The hidden items in the game unlock extra content, so looking for those was worth more than just points. We unlocked quite a bit of the stuff, but not quite all of it. If you like concept art, comics, and 3D models, than this is for you.

What could have been better? What did I dislike? Annoying character(s), Sometimes felt unfair/enemy cheapness

At first, the characters were kind of funny, but it gets old when all you ever hear is fuck this and fuck that. After a while, it left me skipping all of the cut scenes. There is a funny unlock mode that allows you to dleep out the swearing and stuff by aiming and shooting the subtitles, but still…annoying.

Occasionally, the game has this annoyance where the game will turn you around and there’ll be a zombie in mid-swing and it hits you no matter what (it seems). Maybe it’s my poor reflexes? Anyway, while on a huge combo, this felt unfair and really annoying.


This game’s price point is fair. If you’re a fan of zombies and b-movie horror flicks, $39.99 for a new release isn’t bad. Either that or rent it once or twice. It’ll give you a good weekend or two.


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