Recent Purchases: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition, and Hydrophobia (PSN)

This week, Tuesday saw the release of Uncharted 3 and Hydrophobia on the PS3. I cannot wait for all of these big releases to end. The next two weeks are the last of the major releases, minus Zelda on November 20th, and Mario Land 3D around the same time, but I won’t be able to afford those games (and I don’t have a 3DS for the later). Once that is all done, I’ll finally have time to play all of these games to completion.

Uncharted 3 CE

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition
is quite a nice little package. It comes packed with a figure of Nathan Drake, a ring on a necklace, a belt-buckle and the game itself in a nice tin case. There’s also a beta access code for Star Hawk.
Uncharted 3 CE special case

Uncgarted 3 CE open
As you can see, the tin case is on the side of the door there, and the model is in the back. There are two drawers in there as well.

The Ring


The game itself is an Uncharted game, so you should know what to expect if you’ve played them before. a lot of action, cut-scenes and a good story. I’ve reached Chapter 8 and I am loving the game. It’s very difficult to put down, so I will likely have it finished before Skyrim comes out next week.

Hydrophobia was originally released on 360, and then PC and now on PSN. It was a free download for PSN Plus members, so I was happy to download it. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I’ll update this when I do.


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