Rage (PC) Review

It took roughly 13-14 hours to finish a play-through on Hard difficulty, but I finally did it. This review covers single-player only, as I really didn’t care about the multi-player in the game. That and when I tried, I couldn’t find any matches.

What was done well in Rage? What did I like? Graphics, Voice Acting, AI, Racing + mini-games, Building Items

It’s almost needless to say that Rage has some pretty nice visuals. It’s been in development for quite a long time, so it’s nice to see that it paid off. The facial animations while talking to an NPC and the movements of enemies as they take a hit, or duck behind cover are fantastic and are fluid. Explosions are wonderful, and the lighting effects are top-notch. I am looking forward to seeing what else they can do with this engine.

The voice acting is done extremely well, and if you didn’t know, the voice of the very first person you run into in the wasteland is done by John Goodman. Everyone you speak with has had a good voice actor behind them though, and the way the people of this world are animated, coupled with the caliber of voice, is excellent and it is not a chore to talk to everyone. It’s actually interesting.

The artificial intelligence in this game is actually good, and there is a wide variety of different behaviours that you will experience throughout the wastes. Some enemies just charge at you, as mindless mutants would. Others jump off of walls, or dodge side to side, or find cover and shoot from there. Sometimes they retreat or push forward. It does get predictable after a little while, but it’s still a good variety. It forces you to adapt and ensure that almost every fight will be different. Which is a good thing.

The racing is a nice little break from the shooting, as are the mini-games (namely the card game). Racing allows you to win points and earn new upgrades for your vehicles. This is crucial, as you do need armour and guns for your vehicles to survive your travels. There are different events, from racing, to rocket rally, to rocket races, and time trials. The card game is easy to learn, and if you are an explorer, you’ll find various cards laying around. You can earn money by playing cards, so it’s definitely worth playing a few hands. There are other mini-games, such as five finger fillet, but they didn’t really appeal to me very much. Racing and cards are all you really need.

During your journey, you’ll stumble across items and blue prints. These can be used to build items and ammo that are extremely handy. Do not over-look this stuff. Later in the game, you can build explosive arrows and shotgun shells, sentry turrets, remote bomb cars, bandages, grenades, and whatever else.

What could have been better in Rage? What did I dislike? Story, Fun Factor/Limitations, Game Feels Short, Combat: Head Shots Glitches

The story in the game isn’t exactly engaging. It’s just sort of…there. It holds the game together, but that’s about it. There are some plot twists, but nothing really exciting. I’ll keep it at that, and save for spoilers.

Even though there is a wide variety in enemy AI and there is racing and cards to play, and things to shoot, I really had a hard time sitting and playing the game for extended periods. It felt like a chore sometimes. I’d play for 30 minutes to an hour, and then I’d turn the game off and play something else. Maybe it’s the lack of compelling plot, or maybe it’s the fact that the world wasn’t really one to explore. It’s an open world and it’s big, but it doesn’t feel big when you just drive around in it. It just doesn’t give me the same sense of freedom and exploration of games like Fallout, or Oblivion. A bit more quest variety, or the ability to wander around and explore a bit more would have been nice. Maybe I just missed something?

There is also the fact that the game just ends abruptly, and it really doesn’t leave you feeling like anything was 100% resolved. I’m not sure if id left this as an opening for another game, or they were just being lazy. I just didn’t feel satisfied when the game was over.

Combat was fun and all, but the issue I did have with it was that head shots rarely ever killed someone in a single shot. This is ridiculous. Unless they have armour over their face, then why does this not instantly kill someone? I’m talking ordinary human bandits here. A bit strange and annoying.

Glitches in this game, at launch, were fairly bad for most people. I didn’t experience any real problems. During driving, I still get pop-in textures, but I just ignored it. Before they added in the ability to change your visual settings in the game, I was able to get rid of the horrible screen tearing problem that I was having, but the game still doesn’t save my video options. When the game started, I’d always have to go in and turn V-Sync on. That is really annoying.


I’m not saying that Rage is a bad game, because it isn’t. It’s enjoyable, but it’s just not amazing and it does have it’s issues. It would be a good rental, or even a decent purchase, but wait for a price drop first. With that said, this is the PC version, and any glitches I mentioned are non-existent (as far as I know) in the console versions of this game.


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