Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3) Review

It’s really too bad that my experience with the first two games in the Deus Ex series was limited. I only played the first once for a few minutes, and the same with the second one, despite owning both of them. With that said, I am glad that I had the chance to play through the third, and I may just go back and play through the first game now. Human Revolution took me around 25-30 hours to complete, and I played through it on “Give Me Deus Ex” (Hard) difficulty.

What did I like about Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Play-style Options, Skill Tree and Augmentations, Combat, Interactions with NPCs

The fact that you can play through the game and not kill anyone is excellent, while still having the option to kill everyone in sight as well. Whatever way you want to play through the game, you can choose it. If you want to look for a secret shortcut, then go and find it. Sometimes that includes punching through walls with the proper augmentation. When being stealthy, customize your character to have invisibility and silent foot steps. Talk your way through situations carefully and avoid confrontation or if you want to be a monster and plow everyone down, bring out the shotgun or grenade launchers and go to town. It’s all up to you, and it’s awesome.

The many different augmentations that you can unlock allow you to customize your character to your play-style. If you want to be a combat monster, develop iron skin to soak up damage and immunity to gas grenades or emp/electrical damage. Reduce recoil by 50% or 100%. Unlock the ability to become invisible and to run in complete silence. Or, as mentioned earlier, increase strength to punch through walls or lift heavy objects out of the way. There is also hacking skills that allow you to access different areas or open locked safes. There are a lot of different options for everyone.

To unlock augmentations, you must gain experience and earn Praxis points. Exploring new areas, hacking and doing quests can give you experience, and after a while it becomes an addiction. This was a part I really enjoyed.

Combat in the game works very well, and actually is a bit more realistic in that you cannot take many bullets before going down, so cover is a definite necessity. No charging in, unless it’s one guy and you’re using your fist to knock him out in one blow. You also have retractable blades in each arm, if you want to stab someone instead of choking or punching them. While in cover, sometimes it can be a bit awkward if the enemy is at a certain angle, but that can be remedied quickly if you move to a different piece of cover (obviously). Using augmentations to decease recoil and increase accuracy while you a moving and shooting is very effective, especially when using a heavier weapon like the heavy machine gun or the shotgun. The controls in the game were responsive, as well, and made combat easy to navigate.

There are plenty of weapons to choose from in the game. The grenade launcher was a pre-order bonus and is an awesome weapon. You also have the following weapons throughout the game: tranquilizer rifer, stun gun, crossbow, 10mm pistols, magnum revolvers, machine pistols, shotguns, combat rifles, a gun that shoots an EMP blast (non-lethal) called a P.R.E.P.S., sniper rifles, rocket launchers, laser rifles and plasma rifles. I may have missed one, but you get the point. There are quite a few different guns in the game.

Interactions with NPCs (talking to them) have several different outcomes. If you have the social enhancer augmentation, you can detect the persons emotions and use pheremones to manipulate them in conversation. Allowing you to pick the best possible outcome for yourself. I would say having the social enhancer is a must, unless you plan to just kill everyone without saying a word to them. There are quite a few key conversation in the game, and the way you handle them can determine the way things roll out afterwards, so be careful.

What did you dislike about it? What could have been done better?Enemy A.I., Story, Minor Glitches

Enemy A.I. in this game is kind of a joke, to be honest. Occasionally they flank you and they do take cover, but that’s it. Even with some enemies having a cloaking ability, they don’t try to get in behind you for the kill. When sneaking, the enemies are not random. They walk a set path, and don’t change it up at all. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’d be nice for something a little more challenging and less predictable. Also, killing an enemy and leaving a body behind will alarm the others, but they eventually just give up looking for you. If I were them, I’d stay at an alarmed status for a long time. Someone is dead! Act like it!

The story in the game was alright, and I did enjoy following it. The ending was kind of stupid though. Do not read anymore of this paragraph unless you don’t mind a small spoiler. There are 4 different endings, and when you reach the end of the game, you can save and choose which ending you want to see. There are a series of buttons to push that decide your fate at the end, and that’s that. Nothing that you did during the actual game effects which ending you get at all. This is convenient for the trophy for seeing all the endings, but otherwise it’s a little disappointing.

Throughout the game, like many other games, you’ll experience some glitches like dead bodies moving through a door when you close it and that sort of thing. All of the glitches I ran into were very minor, and didn’t impact on the game or make it unplayable.


If you’re a fan of cyber punk science fiction or like a game that gives you choices, then this is the game for you. Really, the only people I cannot recommend this to are people that do not like science fiction. Everyone else should pick it up, and enjoy. It’s a fantastic game.


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