Hard Reset – Demo Available on Steam Now!

Hard Reset is a first-person shooter set in a cyberpunk setting. You play as a cyber-enhanced soldier working to protect a sanctuary, which is a network that holds digitized personalities. You’re protecting it against an uprising of rogue machines.

In the demo, you fight your way through a section of the game for a taste of the action. You fight machines, get to check out the environments and how they can be used in combat, and get a chance to check out the various upgrades that you can obtain. The graphics are fantastic, with vibrant lighting effects, fluid animations and well produced explosions. The gloomy world is enhanced by bits of vibrant colour. It seems like everything is top-notch here.

The game releases next week (September 13) for $29.99, but you can pre-purchase it on Steam for 10% less. As soon as I finished the demo, it was an instant purchase. Try the demo and give it a shot.

Thanks to Kotaku for the trailer above.

Update: I’ve invested 1 hour into the demo now, and played through it a few times. Cannot wait for this to come out next week, in time for my birthday!


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