Purchases for Tuesday, September 6, 2011: Dead Island (PC), Resistance 3 (PS3), and a Bunch of Free Stuff on PSN

It’s currently 1 a.m., so I am referring to all of this as happening today. With that out of the way, today saw the release of quite a few games. Disgaea 4, Space Marine, Dead Island and Resistance 3 were all games I had on pre-order, but I didn’t have enough cash to get them all today. I decided to go with Dead island and Resistance 3.

Dead Island is been a very hyped game and I am glad I kept myself up-to-date on it as it came closer to release. I’ve played it for about an hour and a half so far, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. It’s not perfect, nor is it everything that people are expecting it to be. It feels a bit clumsy, there are a few obvious glitches, and some things in the game don’t make much sense (such as having to be level 3 to use a pipe as a weapon, and paying to use a workbench).

These things are present, but the good things about the game out weigh them so far. There’s a huge and beautiful island to explore, zombies can be genuinely scary and smashing them is very satisfying. You have to be careful, since most encounters are melee, and being surrounded by 2 or more zombies proves to be dangerous. Also, some zombies will let out a scream and just sprint after you. When you choose to run away, and then when you turn around, there are 3 of them right there, your heart pounds.

So far, it’s great and I like it. I plan to play it a bit more seriously when I finish Deus Ex: Human Revolution and get my review for El Shaddai finished up.

Resistance 3 came out today as well, and I haven’t had a chance to play the final version of the game. I’ve only played the multi-player beta. We’ll see how it turned out very soon.

There’s also mention that I picked up a bunch of free stuff on PSN. As a Playstation Plus member, I get some games for free and today saw Plants vs Zombies, Altered Beast, Jet Moto, and I Must Run (PSN Mini) go on sale for 100% off. Time will tell if I Must Run is any good. I’ve played the rest at some point in time, and Plants vs. Zombies was a Steam purchase quite a while ago. If they’re free though, why not?


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