Today’s Purchase: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition (PS3)

Today I went and picked up my pre-ordered copy of Dues Ex: Human Revolution and I had a chance to sit and play it for a bit.

The game has a lot of different elements to it, and it’s true that there are many approaches to each situation. I used the first mission to test out these different approaches. Sneaking, hacking, using the environment, and just guns blazing. The option to go through the game using non-lethal force will definitely be a challenge for my second play-through of the game. For now, I’m just feeling things out and doing what I feel is best or most awesome at the time. I’m loving this game so far, and will be playing through it entirely once I am finished El Shaddai.

I have also included a video of the gutting of the Augmented Edition below.


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