Infamous 2 Review

Infamous 2 sees the hero (or villain) from Empire City, Cole MacGrath, return to fight “The Beast” in Infamous 2. It’s an open-world super hero game, and I’m sure everyone knows what it is or has tried, at the very least, the demo. This game was completed 100% (Platinum). A play-through of the game takes roughly 10-12 hours, depending on whether or not you complete all of the side quests or not.

What was done well? What did I enjoy the most? Graphics, Sound, Controls, Story, Variety of Powers, User-Made Content and Mission Creator

The graphics are an improvement over the first game. Facial expressions were done fairly well, and movements are smooth. Each power’s effects are highlighted very well with lighting effects (especially the electrical powers). The only parts where the graphics could have been a tiny bit better is during use of ice powers or while fighting ice-based enemies. The ice, in some instances, is all pixelated and jagged. It’s a minor gripe when everything else looks fantastic.

The sound effects in the game are great. From gun fire to explosions, and the sounds your electrical powers make. It all sounds great and at no point was I bothered by any horrible sounds (other than Nix being annoying).

The controls are very tight in this game. Once you’re used to moving around and get familiar with the layout, you’re set. There’s even a quick access menu for switching up powers. Sometimes the cover system can suck, but I rarely used cover (even on hard difficulty).

The game’s story takes place a little bit after the end of the first game. You’ve got word from Dr Wolfe that he can help you defeat “The Beast” when it finally arrives. Well, it was a little too late, as “The Beast” shows up to crash the party early. After fighting, Cole is over-powered and injured. Zeke, Kuo (an agent from the agency originally sent to hunt down Cole) and Cole run off to New Merais to recover and meet up with Wolfe and the story goes from there.

Depending on whether you decide to be good or evil (Kuo or Nix), there are certain side quests and story elements that are unique to each side. Each ending is, obviously, completely different. I enjoyed the good ending better, but the evil ending was a bit more involved. Cole and Zeke (best friend) scenes are the best, as the women are just sort of…annoying sometimes, since they usually bitch and wine at you unless they get what they want.

There is also a villain in the game named Bertrand. He’s more than meets the eye, and that’s all I can say. He’s taking advantage of the people in New Merais and his militia are evil bastards. He kind of reminds me a Dennis Hopper a little bit, and very religious. You’ll have to play the game to understand his motives.

The missions really string the story together well, and it’s all gradual, yet progresses smoothly and rather fast. The game isn’t very long, but then again, you have to play through twice to see it from both sides. Both endings are worth seeing, so get ready for roughly 20-25 hours of gameplay.

The number of powers in the game has increased since the first game. You get to use non-electrical powers after a certain point as well, depending on what side you’re on (good or evil). After finishing the game a second time, you can unlock any powers you like. So whether you’re good or evil, you’ll get almost all of the powers to fool around with post-game.

Some powers are good only for specific things, but most are entertaining. My favourite power in this game is the kinectic power to pick up objects (cars) and chuck them around. It’s a lot of fun, especially when fighting helicopters. Hitting a helicopter with a car is very satisfying.

And finally, if you run out of missions to do, you always have all of the user-generated content, and you can also create your own missions. Some of the missions online help you find blast shards (but you really just need to get the blast shard sense power for that), some missions are very well done and well scripted. After playing around 40 user made missions, I’m happy to say most are at least okay.

I tried making my own, but I ended up not doing it. I just messed around with the mission creator tools, and it seems easy enough to use. If you have a creative itch, then this will definitely be worth checking out.

What could have been better? What did I dislike? Bugs and Glitches, Cover System, Path Finding While Climbing, Nix

While playing through the game, and nearing the end for a second time, the camera glitched very badly on me. It moved away from me and out of view. I couldn’t see where I was going or what I was doing. The only way to see where I was going was to use aim button (R1), and then I have to climb blindly. This was not fun.

There were some other bugs I found during climbing, and it would sometimes result in me getting stuck. Luckily the game auto-saves and you just start off somewhere else.

The cover system is something a rarely used. Sometimes, if I was in the open, and found something to hide behind, I could duck to heal for a second, but that’s it. I found it useless otherwise. Enemies seem to flank you, or if you’re fighting mutants, they’ll run up to you anyway. Or tunnel up, depending on what enemy it is. Most of the time, I would just dodge, or run away a bit. Ambushing enemies is the best for success.

The path finding during climbing was sometimes a dick to me. I’d be gliding in for a landing, only to have Cole randomly grab the wrong thing. They should assign a button that, while held down, will negate the path finding in the game and allow you to ignore grabs. Just a though.

And lastly, Nix’s dialogue was very annoying. I understand that her background and story are why she is the way she is, but I just never wanted to pay attention to her or hear what she had to say. She was the chaos in the game, compared to Kuo being order. Too bad chaos couldn’t have been more likeable.


The game was a lot of fun, and the bugs and glitches can be forgiven, considering they were very rare. As I mentioned above, I did get the platinum trophy for this game, and I enjoyed getting it. It’s not a hard platinum, but it does take a little time. After the game is over, you always have user-made missions and a mission creator to fiddle with. It’s definitely worth a purchase, especially if you liked the first game.


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