Xander Davis Raises Some Good Points

And I agree with him 100%. He hit it all right on the nose, and he now has me as a fan.

The use of motion controls is something that, at first, seemed really cool. In the end though, I really just want to hold a controller or use my mouse and keyboard. When I come home and play video games, it’s not to jump around, or wave my arms in the air, or hold out a motion controller and have my arm cramp up. I want to lay down on my couch and relax. My Wii gets little to no use anymore. The only games I use my Move for are Time Crisis on occasion and No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise. Depending on how well they use the Move with Resistance 3, I may try it out with that. Games are supposed to be a leisure activity that you can do and just relax, in my opinion. When I want a workout I go to the gym. Kinect will never have a use in my home, especially with it’s line-up of games and need for space. Even with shooters coming out for it, I don’t want to stand there and do weird hand signs to play it. It’s a fun idea, but just not for me.

Video provided by Kotaku.


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