Purchase For Monday, August 22, 2011: Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team (PSN)

Early this morning (last night), I decided to get Kill Team and it’s actually pretty fun. I am playing through the game as a Salamander Librarian first. Nothing like carving through green-skins with my power sword and bolt pistol and taking down waves with my psychic blast wave. It’s a twin-stick shooter, with a decent customization system for each playable character. You can unlock perks with the use of weapons and maneuvers. There are power-ups that give you rapid fire, or double fire, health regeneration, invulnerability, and what have you.

I’m looking forward to playing through some missions with a friend. The game is totally worth it for $9.99 and it unlocks an item in the upcoming game “Space Marine”, which is a cool bonus. There will be a review at some point in the future for this game. I just need time to finish up some other ones first. That and Deus Ex comes out tomorrow…


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