Galaga Legions DX Review

It’s been a while since I last reviewed a game, so I thought I’d start off with a shorter one. Galaga Legions DX is a twin-stick shooter available for download on PSN and XBLA. It doesn’t take very long to get all of the trophies. The reviews covers everything except for the time trial mode (but that is pretty self-explanatory). It was done on hard difficulty.

What was good about the game? Controls, Graphics, Combo System

The controls for this game are responsive and well done. The layout was comfortable and I have no complaints.

The graphics were nicely done, just like in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. You can switch between different styles. From some more funky stuff to the old school look. Very vibrant and colourful. The only time that there was any slowdown was when the game had 100’s of aliens on screen at once. Not really a big deal.

The combo system was kind of cool. If you shot the right enemies at the right time, you can cause a chain reaction and kill more with less shots, or kill everything on the screen if you do the correct maneuver. I liked this and it was very satisfying. The online score system is pretty nice too, and gives you ranks for building up a better score. The faster you kill enemies and get through a stage, the better.

What wasn’t done well, and needs improvement? Difficulty, Design, Fun Factor

The difficulty wasn’t really that challenging on hard. I only died maybe a handful of times during play. Maybe more variety in enemies. I think the game is more geared towards beating online scores than anything though. If you don’t mind that, then this really isn’t applicable to you.

Design and fun factor go hand in hand. As I mentioned, there could be more variety in enemies, or a different way for you to interact with backgrounds or perhaps not make this game a twin-stick shooter at all, and stick with the classic play style of the older games. It got dry really fast for me, so I am glad it was a short game. It only took me a few hours to play all of the levels on hard difficulty. Perhaps more things in the way of power-ups would have been cool, different shop variants, or even some more mode options. As it is, it’s alright, but not the funnest game ever.

The game is a mediocre attempt to bring Galaga to a new kind of glory, like what they tried to do with Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. If you’re looking for a classic remake, I suggest just sticking with Pac-Man. If you want easy trophies, this one has some quick ones for you. Try the demo before you buy.


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