Two New Platinums

I’m back into getting trophies for PS3 games, and I just got two more platinums bringing my total to 15.

First I finished up Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge. I borrowed this over a year ago, played it a bit, thought it was horrible, and gave it back. I borrowed it again because I decided I wanted to try to clean up my trophy list and I knew it was an easy game to complete. If you want to get an easy platinum, get this game as you can have the platinum in around 10 hours with little frustration. If you want a quality game that’s fun to play, look elsewhere. The graphics are bad, it’s buggy, the sound is terrible, and it’s very repetitive. I did end up running into a bug where a trophy wouldn’t unlock. I think you need to beat the stunt challenge times on the first try because on one of them I missed the time, finished up the rest of the career, went back and got under the required time, but the trophy didn’t unlock. I ended up making a new career and playing through it a second time. At least it’s short.

The second platinum I got is for Fritz Chess. As far as I know this game is only available in Europe. It’s definitely worth getting if you are a trophy hunter because you can get a platinum trophy in about 4 hours. Follow the guide at and use ludochess to help you with adventure mode. It’s an ok game on its own, but it’s just chess, so nothing really new here other than some puzzles and different starting boards in adventure mode.


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