Lastest Purchases: Earth Defense Force 2017 (360), OMG-Z (PSN Mini), Scary Girl (PSN Mini) and Galaga Legions DX (PSN)

I thought I was going to be able to go nearly a month before I purchased anymore games. I was wrong.

Earth Defense Force 2017 was released back in 2007 as a X-Box 360 exclusive. I really enjoyed Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, so when I saw this game sitting at Canadian Tire for $19.99, I had to pick it up. It’s a tough game to find, and was extremely surprised to see it at Canadian Tire of all places.

I managed to put a little bit of time into the game and it’s not too bad. The missions are a lot shorter in this game, and there are not points or leveling up. There is only one trooper so far that you can choose from, rather than 4 different suits of armour in Insect Armageddon. There are weapon and health drops in this game, similar to the other game. You cannot revive a downed team mate though, and that is really crappy. We’ll see what else I discover as more of the game is covered.

OMG-Z is a small zombie game where you shoot at groups of zombies, and try to kill as many as possible with only a few shots. It seems that when the zombies are close together, you’ll take down multiple at a time with a single shot. It’s a bit of a weird game that I don’t quite get yet, but I’ll give it another shot at some other time. This was free to Playstation Plus members.

Scary Girl is another free mini to Playstation Plus members this week, and it seems to be a 2-D platformer. I don’t really have much to say about it yet, other than I’ve tried it a little bit, and don’t quite get it. It’s not overly obvious where you can actually jump to, or how to get to the next area. We’ll see what happens next time I play it.

Galaga Legions DX is a twin-stick shooter with the theme of Galaga in mind. It follows on the remake of another classic game, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. It’s only $9.99 on PSN, so I scooped it up.

The game has a lot of stuff going on at once, but it seems kind of easy so far. I finished Championship mode on normal right off the bat, which only took me around 15 minutes. It didn’t seem like a long time. It’s fun, and I used to love Galaga and Galaxian. Try out the demo if you’re skeptical. It’s actually a fun game.


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