Today’s Purchase: Catherine Love Is Over Deluxe Edition

Today, I picked up my pre-order of Catherine and I’ve had a chance to take a look through the items in the deluxe edition and play the game for a bit. It’s safe to say that I have enjoyed what I have played so far.

The game is mostly about dialogue choices and then your nightmares are where you must climb a tower.

A lot of your time seems to be spent talking and making dialogue choices in this game. It’s basically between being a cheating lier or an honest guy who makes a mistake. It’s really up to the player to decide most of what Vincent does. You can also help others along the way. It seems that these actions are what will give you different endings.

The nightmare levels are about moving blocks around to create a pathway to the top. You’ll be on a timer, and encounter enemies, traps, and bosses. You can pick up items that can help you a bit, but you can only carry one at a time. If you mess up, either you fall to your death or you are killed by a trap or an enemy. You have to think about where you’re moving the blocks and try not to mess up. On easy, you get a lot of continues, and I’m willing to bet a lot more time to reach the top in the levels.

I plan to finish it on easy first, and then move on to normal and hard. I’m curious to see all of the endings.

Anyone looking for something challenging and a bit different than the norm should definitely check out Catherine. It’s got me hooked right now, so maybe I’ll write up a full review by next week.

Pizza Box
The Pizza Box.

No pizza
No pizza inside though. *sad face*

Game, Art Book and Sound Track
Here is the game itself, the art book and sound track.

Boxers and T-Shirt
Should I wear these to work?

Catherine Pillow Case
A pillow case. Just in case you want to sleep with Catherine.


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