Recent Purchases: Alan Wake Collector’s Edition (360), Bastion, Splosion Man, Ms Splosion Man and The Dishwasher: Vampire Smiles (XBLA)

I’ve been playing some games on my X-Box 360 lately. It’s been neglected for a while, and I think it’s time to show some more appreciation. These games were all purchased within the last week or so, and have all proven excellent so far.

Alan Wake CE
Alan Wake is a game I’ve been meaning to get since it came out. The collector’s edition has been sitting at the store since it’s release and nobody seemed to want to purchase it. The collector’s edition comes with the game, a bonus disc, sound track, a journal, and a download voucher for some free DLC. The case that holds all of this stuff is shaped to look like a book. It’s a pretty decent bundle. It still cost me close to $70.

So far, I’ve only played through the first episode. The game is a horror game, and sets the atmosphere very well. Some parts are pretty freaky, and the story is a bit intriguing. Essentially, you’re an author and your story’s are coming to life and haunting you (and trying to kill you). I’m interested to see where the rest of the game takes me.

Bastion was just recently released as part of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade series of games. It’s an action RPG with narration by a voice as you play the game and perform actions. The story is told with your actions. It’s kind of a cool idea, and I like it so far. It seems like a very easy game to pick up and play, and if you aren’t expecting much, it’s something that might surprise you.

Splosion Man and Ms Sposion Man are whacky puzzle-based platformers for 1 or more players where you explode every time you jump. You only have a certain amount of charge, so you can only explode a certain amount of times in succession before having to recharge. Exploding off certain objects will let you go further and/or recharge you. The puzzles in the game require the right combination of objects and the right timing. After playing the trial to Ms Splosion man, I had to get both games. With the option to play 2-players and the humour that this game holds, it’s a seriously good time. Also, the fact that the single-player experience and the multi-player experience are completely different level designs and puzzles brings up the value of the games. If you haven’t played them, then you should.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smiles is the second game in the Dishwasher series. It has it’s own art style, and is a very graphic series of games. It’s a story of betrayal and revenge, as you and your undead companion hack and slash your way through enemies. Vampire Smiles has the option for 2-players, and I actually liked the first one. My girlfriend and I tried the trial and we enjoyed it, so I purchased it.


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