Today Is The Last Day Of The Steam Summer Sale!

Just for anyone that hasn’t been keeping track, Steam has been having a summer sale since June 30th. Some of the games are up to 75% off and it’s pretty sweet. I’ve purchased quite a few off this sale.

The more noteworthy titles on sale today are DoW 2: Retribution ($7.49 today) and Just Cause 2 ($5.00). Some other good titles are also on sale, so check out the Steam Store.

Yesterday, I picked up Anomaly: Warzone Earth for $5.00, The X series of games (X3: Terran Conflict and such) for $5.00, the King’s Bounty series for $9.99 (I think that was the price) and Terraria for $2.49. The day before I puchased Empire and Napoleon Total War for $9.99 with all expansions. Some really amazing deals.

Update: Okay, I’m annoyed. On the main store page, it says that DoW 2: Retribution is 75% off. I clicked it, and when I get to the DoW 2 page, it’s only 50% off. So, the game is $14.99 instead. Boooo!


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