Purchases for Friday, July 8, 2011

With the start of GameStop’s Summer Power Sale, I figured that there would be some games I might want to get. Really, there were only two sale items that I picked up, and the rest were just cheaper and/or used titles.

We’ll start with the sale items.

Halo Reach
Halo Reach Legendary Edition was sitting on our shelf for the longest time at $99.99, and the sale dropped that down by %50. Collector’s Edition stuff is kind of a weakness of mine. I like to have it all, and thus I picked up Halo Reach. The first Halo game I have ever purchased.

Front Mission Evolved
The second sale item was Front Mission Evolved for the PS3. It was on for $19.99, and I’ve been meaning to get it for a while now. I’ve found myself a bit obsessed with mech games for the last little while. It all started with Lost Planet 2 and grew more and more since then.

Anyway, Front Mission Evolved is the first game in the Front Mission series that isn’t a turn based strategy game. A lot of fans disliked this move, but I don’t mind it. I’ve only played it for about 30-45 minutes so far, so we’ll have to see how much I like it after I finish the game’s campaign mode.

Now for the rest of the games I purchased.

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
Resident Evil Darkside Chonicles for the Wii was sitting on the used rack staring at me, and I liked Umbrella Chronicles, so I picked it up. Haven’t played it yet though, so we’ll see how this turns out sometime soon.

KUF Circle of Doom
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom for the X-Box 360 was also one of those games that I heard people talk about, and it caught my curiousity. I’ve heard it’s one of the hardest games to get a full gamer score in. Maybe someday we will see. That game was in good condition and was only $9.99.

LoH Tear of Vermillion
Finally, Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion was traded in not to long ago, and it was only $9.99 as well. I still haven’t played any of the games in this series, but I hear it’s not too bad. The UMD case is busted, so I need to replace it with a new one before I can try it out. This is like a small salvage operation.


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