Steam Sale Purchase: Jamestown

Steam’s Summer Sale is difficult to look past. There are so many things on sale for so cheap, and I’ve been eying up Jamestown for a while now. It was only $4.99 ($9.99 -50%), so I decided to get it.

Jamestown is a story based in the 1600’s on British Colonial Mars. The Spanish and Martians are attacking your colonies, and you must fight back. You and up to 3 other players can take it to the enemy is in this top-down shooter. It’s not a very long game and it’s not overly complex, but it’s fun and a bit challenging. I’ve played through the first 3 levels on normal, and am going to push up the difficulty and do it again. To finish the game, you must complete all of the missions on a certain difficulty, so it makes you work for the ending. I really have no complaints and the game is very easy to pick up and play.


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