Purchases For Friday, June 17, 2011: Resident Evil Survivor and Dead in the Water (PSOne)

Today I went to pick up another lot of games from Kijiji, but when I got there, I wasn’t impressed with the condition of most of the games. I picked out these two games and made another offer to the buyer. I ended up getting both of these games for $20. Not too horrible, considering Resident Evil Survivor is around $20 on E-bay by itself.

Resident Evil Survivor and Dead in the Water
Resident Evil Survivor is an first-person shooter. It wasn’t a big success for Capcom, and never got any amazing reviews. After playing the game for around half an hour, I can understand why. The level design was pretty simple and very linear. The control layout is very unusual, and it feels kind if sluggish. It’s a very mediocre game. Initially, I thought it was going to be an on-rails light game, which would have been way better.

Dead in the Water is a game I read about back when the Playstation first came out. It’s a boat racing game with weapons. There is the campaign, single race, and battle options. There are different things to destroy on the tracks that give you money, and there are power ups that will give you various weapons and boosts. It’s an alright game, but the controls are strange. You hold forward to accelerate and the push either right or left to turn with the same analog stick. Threw me off a little, as most games back then would have you holding down X.


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