Purchases For Tuesday, June 14, 2011: Alice: Madness Returns (PS3), Outland (PSN), Streets Of Rage (PSN)

Yesterday saw the release of Alice: Madness Returns and Duke Nukem Forever. I didn’t have enough to pick up both of those games, so I decided to get Alice over Duke. So far, that has been a very good decision.

Alice Madness Returns\
Alice: Madness Returns is the follow up to the original Alice game that came out in 2000 (which comes bundled in with the online pass for this game). The game sees Alice returning to Wonderland to fight the madness that is taking over Wonderland and herself. Essentially, you’re fighting to regain your sanity.

After playing the original Alice for a little while, I was surprised to see that the original is quite good (considering it’s age) and I do think it’s worth playing through. With about half an hour invested into the original game, I decided to try out Madness Returns. With much enthusiasm, it’s safe to say that Alice: Madness Returns has given me one great initial impression. It’s a bit morbid, and has lots of stabbing and slashing with Alice’s vorpal blade. There is a gun that is a giant pepper grinder, and you can use to kill enemies at a distance. Enemies are twisted shapes of former residents of Wonderland, with some using pot lids as shields and trying to stab you with forks, or demented tea pots that try to burn you with hot water. The level designs are well done so far (I’m only around 1.5 – 2 hours in), and there are secret areas to be found, so make sure you keep an eye out. Controls are really responsive, and combat reminds me of Zelda’s combat system. The game has not given me any reasons not to recommend a purchase.

Outland has also finally arrived on the PSN, so it was a definite purchase. I have played the 360 demo, and I enjoyed that quite a bit. The demo is also available on PSN, and the game is $9.99.

Streets of Rage 2 was free to PS Plus members today, so I grabbed it. It’s a classic, and why wouldn’t you want a free game? I’ll be investing some time into this game next time I have company over.


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