Purchase For June 15, 2011: Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steal Edition, Spelunker HD (PSN)

Here it is, folks. The game I was debated about getting. Duke Nukem Forever is here. We’ll see how it really turned out soon enough, but for now, here is a pic and a video describing the Balls of Steal Edition.
Duke Nukem Balls of Steal Edition

This video was done at my work station, so things are a tiny bit messy, and I haven’t shaved in a few days. I did shower today, so I am clean!

I did try out the demo for this game and wasn’t overly impressed by it. Hopefully the full game is at least a little better than the demo was. My impression of the demo can be found here.

With the trailer for Spelunky, I felt the urge to buy up Spelunker HD. It has split-screen multi-player, so I felt it was needed.


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