Purchases For Wednesday, June 8, 2011: Armageddon Riders and Chime (PSN)

Well, I had just enough money left in my wallet on PSN to pick up these two games.

Armageddon Riders is a vehicle combat game with zombies in a post-apocalyptic landscape. There are some power-ups, such as power boosts, repair orbs, and money orbs. Power boosts give you power to boost your car’s speed, and the other two are pretty self-explanatory. You use money to buy new cars or upgrades at the garage. Races and other missions that pop up give you money to buy more stuff as well. You don’t have weapons, so you have to ram opponents to destroy them. The zombies are really just an annoyance, since they jump on your car and try to destroy it. You do have a zapper that you can use by shaking the controller that kills any zombies on your car. Zombies can also give you power for your car if you hit them. There’s a split-screen mode too, which I’ll try when I have a friend over sometime. You can get it for $9.99.

I think the game would be much better if they had included projectile weapons for your vehicles. As it is now, it’s sort of mediocre. At least it’s cheap though.

Chime is a puzzle game. You get random shapes, and you get a board full of squares. Put the pieces down to form squares or rectangles that are at least 3×3 squares, and it begins to fill up. Before it fills up, try to make it bigger and you earn more points. Any excess beyond that shape is left behind. It’s up to you to clean up the remainder and try to be as efficient as possible. Also, trying to cover the entire playing area is a goal as well. It reminds me a tiny bit of Lumines, but it’s a a little less crazy. It was only $9.99, and I enjoyed the demo for it, so I snagged it up.


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