Oops! Forgot To Mention Some Purchases!

I cannot recall exactly when I purchased these games (I think it was last Tuesday), but here they are!

The PSN store was up, and they had some deals on for PSN Plus members, so I nabbed up a couple of Minis and a PSOne Classic.

The Minis were Duael Invaders and VectorTD.

Duael Invaders is a challenging twist on space invaders. You control two ships, one on each side of the screen, instead of one. Using Triangle and X for up and down on the right, and up and down on the d-pad for the ship on the left. The L1 and R1 buttons are to shoot. The invaders are in the middle, and you have to make sure not to get hit by their projectiles, as well as your own. It was a surprise, and it’s kind of cool. I’ve only played it a tiny bit, but it seems reasonable (considering it was a free game with my PSN Plus membership).

VectorTD is a tower defense game. Fairly standard, but with a small Geometry Wars twist to it. It was free as well.

The PSOne Classic that I got for free was Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus. I already own a physical copy of this game, but it was free. I figured, why not?

There was another game that was on sale for a decent deal. Ricochet HD was on sale for $2.15. I didn’t mind the demo, so I grabbed it up as well.

Not bad. Four games and I only spent $2.15.


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