Nintendo Talks About The Wii U

Here is the Nintendo keynote at E3, broken down by Joystiq, and some of what you can expect from the next Nintendo console.

Personally, I am happy to see that the controller is a controller and not a remote and nun-chuck. It has a touch screen, among a lot of other features that are described more so in the article. Motion controls are still present in the new controller, just slightly different. Also, the screen lends a new element to gaming as well. For example, when someone wants to watch T.V., you can continue playing on the screen in the controller? I think I read that correctly.

There are also going to be some pretty sweet games coming out for the console, like Darksiders 2, a new Zelda (obviously), a Ghost Recon game, Smash bros, and so on. With the new hardware, we can expect to see games like Battlefield 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines on the next Nintendo console. I’m actually very interested to see what this thing is actually capable of. The next generation of consoles is going to be amazing.


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