Purchases For Sunday, June 5, 2011

I’ve been browsing Kijiji lately, and found a few things I may want and decided to go and pick them up yesterday.

Sega Light Phaser
I found a guy selling a Sega Master System with a Light Phaser, so I grabbed it up. It came with some games as well (shown below). All are in working order.

Enduro Racer, Rocky, Great Golf

The same person also had extra games for sale, so I took a look through them. I came away with a few games I’ve been meaning to get.
Killer Instinct Gold, Turok
Zombies Ate My Neighbours, Double Dragon V,  Last Action Hero, Battletoads + Double Dragon, Lethal Weapon

Some of the games above were purchased for the hell of it, obviously. Last Action Hero and Lethal Weapon are just awesome movies. The games…are not so awesome. As far as the rest go, I am pretty happy. Some are old games I used to play a lot, and the others are games I never got a chance to play (like Zombies Ate MY Neighbors).

There was also another ad that I replied to. They had 2 GameCubes, 19 games, a GC wireless controller, the GameBoy add-on for the GC, the microphone for the GC and some memory cards. I wanted some of the games and pretty much everything else (except the GameCubes, since I have one already). The pictures below depict the stuff that I am keeping for sure out of what I purchased. Some of it is in rough shape (or looks like it), but it all works. Nintendo really made the GameCube games durable.

Note that the Super GameBoy was actually from the first seller in this article. It was super cheap, so I took it also.
Paper Mario, Mario Baseball, Tony Hawk Underground
Mario Party 4, 6, 7
Monster House and Harvest Moon games
Lego Star Wars 2, and Animal Crossing

Some of these games are really scratched up, but still work. I was actually sort of surprised. It save me the $3 resurfacing charges, I guess. The wireless controller’s joy-stick is actually missing the tip, so I’ll have to replace the joy-stick.

Hopefully there’ll be time to play these games a bit more. Lega Star Wars was also on my to-get list, but I never did get it (until now, obviously). We’ll see what happens.


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