Dead Island Trailer Kind of Scares Me…

…because it got me a bit worried that this game might be another shoot ’em up. Here‘s the article I read on Kotaku. Check it out.

The whole premise behind the game was to put you on an island and have guns as a rarity. This trailer shows too many guns and that has me worried. I want supplies to be limited, and to have to sneak around carefully. I want a slow pace, and a game where I may have to run for my life sometimes, instead of mowing down a horde of zombies with a machine gun. Feeling vulnerable is what this game should be about. True survival/horror game-play.

Another trailer from E3 is this new Armored Core V trailer. It’s a cinematic trailer, and it gets me a bit pumped, but I need to see some game-play footage before I start getting ready to throw money at something.


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