Purchases For Friday, June 3, 2011: Ace Combat 6 (XB360), Front Mission (DS) and Strenge Journey (DS)

Last night at work I was looking at some games, and saw a few worth getting. Today the purchases were made.

Ace Combat 6
Ace Combat 6: Fire of Liberation is a game I didn’t expect to ever get. That is before I started playing Ace Combat 04 and remembering how awesome these games are. I haven’t played this one yet, but I will soon and there’ll be an update with my initial impressions in this post. The game was purchased used, and today the price dropped from $19.99 to $14.99. I’d say that is very reasonable.

Front Mission and Strange Journey
Front Mission is a game I’ve never played, but recently had a spike it interest. I decided to go with this one due to decent reviews and it’s low price of $14.99. We’ll see if it’s any good soon.

Strange Journey is a game I’ve been sort of staring at for months, not sure whether to get it or not until recently. It’s only $14.99 used, so I said hell with it.

All of these games were in good condition. Expect a post update today of my initial impressions of each game (well, at least for Ace Combat).

Update: After playing through the tutorial, I can say that it is likely that Ace Combat 6 will be very enjoyable. Really need to play some of the missions for a better impression of the game, but I am running out of time and work tonight (lame).


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