Duke Nukem Forever – Downloading Demo Now

It’s currently 1:18 a.m. EST.

For those who pre-ordered the game, the Duke Nukem Forever demo is now available with the First Access Club members. You should have received an e-mail if you registered.

I’m downloading the PS3 demo now. Expect an update when I have had a chance to play.

Update @ 2:03 a.m. EST: I’ve played a little bit of the demo, and it’s alright so far. It’s not exactly the prettiest game ever (in fact, it’s kind of average in appearance), and something feels a little off. I haven’t quite pin-pointed it yet, but I’ll be sure to add another update when I do.

Don't be sad Duke. Hopefully the full game will be good!
Update @ 2:27 a.m. EST: Upon finishing the demo of Duke Nukem Forever, I’ve made the realization that the game just doesn’t feel finished. It’s likely just because it’s an actual demo, but I just hope that is why. If this is what the finished product is like, then I’m going to have to put the game down as one of the biggest upsets ever. I’m going to pray that that is not going to be the case here. Duke’s attitude and crude nature are back, but the complete game better be way more polished up so we can cruise with Duke in style.

If you were curious, the demo takes you through the fight with the cyclops boss on the football field (I’m sure most of us have seen the video footage of that before) in the first area, and then you ride in a monster truck and battle through a canyon and a mine shaft in the second area. You get to sample a pistol, shotgun, a laser sniper rifle, a shrink ray, an rpg and a three-barrel machine gun, as well as use a turret. The enemies are really aggressive and charge at you. No real A.I. here. They seem fairly mindless. The controls aren’t too bad. Graphics are not impressive whatsoever. Some evident glitches, but it’s nothing that really effects game-play (that I noticed).


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