Purchases for Wednesday, June 1, 2011: Airforce Delta (DreamCast), Full Spectrum Warrior (XB) and SSX Tricky (GC)

I took a trip to visit my parents yesterday, and decided to drop in at Little Shop of Heroes in Listowel to check out their selection of games.

Airforce Delta is a game I had not heard of until I saw it at the shop. It’s a jet fighter game similar to the Ace Combat series. Since playing Ace Combat 04 (PS2) the other day and realizing how good of a game it was, I wanted to check out some other jet fighter games. For $5, I decided to pick it up. The disc as some scratches on it, but it works just fine.

Full Spectrum Warrior is a game I only played the demo for way back when it was being released. I stuck it in and played through some of the training, but I didn’t feel like investing the necessary time into the game as it required late last night (early this morning). It’s a tactical squad based military game that has you giving orders to squads to achieve a mission. It had rave reviews back when it came out, and I believe there’s a second game. so I’ll be looking for that one. It was $10, but I think it was worth it.

SSX Trick really needs no explanation. It’s a fun snowboarding game for the GC and pretty much everyone should have played one of these games at some point. I got it for $10 as well.


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