Demon’s Souls Review

Well, with 60 hours invested into the game, and the Old One lulled back into slumber a couple of weeks ago, I can safely say that my first play-through of Demon’s Souls is complete. The only regret I have is not playing through this game sooner.

What was done well? What did I like? Story, Graphics, Sound, Combat + Difficulty, Upgrade/level-up systems

The story in Demon’s Souls is pretty straight forward. The Old One has been awakened, and the lands are covered in mist and infested with demons and monsters. It’s your job to lull the Old One back to sleep and free the lands. It’s a simple story, but effective for the progression of the game. You can even choose different endings, depending on whether or not you’re evil or fighting for good.

The graphics in this game were done very well (mind you, they are 2 years old now). The lighting and fire effects are nice, and the camera work is good for the most part. Occasionally, in tight spaces, the camera can be a bit of a bitch, but not often enough to hinder the game. The shadows and darkness conceal enemies and sometimes you won’t see the hole in the floor. This is part of the challenge of the game, and it’s done well. Character animations are smooth for the most part, with no real complaints from me.

Sound in the game is fantastic. Listen carefully for enemies in the distance or around the next corner. There’s no music when running around each of the worlds, which actually aids in creating the perfect atmosphere.. Just the howl of the wind or the sound of screams in the distance. Be sure to wear good headphones or use surround sound. It’s worth it.

The combat and difficulty level are harsh at times. If you’ve got good reflexes, you will do well. Enemies are definitely not here to make things easy. If you die, your body is left there, and you respawn at the start of the level with all of the enemies back in place. If you die before you get back to your corpse, you lose all of your souls that you collected. Combat is effected in many ways, like the reach of your weapon, and the armour you wear. The heavier armour makes mobility in combat very sluggish. Light armour allows you to roll around and get out of the way. I went with the light option. Never used a lot of magic, but it seems like it could be very powerful if used correctly. Only thing with mages in that you’ll die quickly if hit (naturally). Be careful, find the weapons and armour you like and learn from mistakes. Don’t give up, because this game is so rewarding when you finally get by a tough area.

As I said in the last point, you collect souls in this game. When you kill enemies, you’ll gain a certain amount. You use these souls to buy items, upgrade weapons and shields, and to increase your soul level. It’s currency and experience points. Make sure to use them wisely. Leveling up can only do so much, but make sure you find the right items and upgrade the weapons and armour you use. Don’t die too often, or else you won’t be able to level or buy stuff or upgrade. Find a good spot and collect souls where you can to help level up and practice fighting.

What could have been better? Dislikes? Small gripes about multi-player, aiming first-person with bow

The only thing that sucks about multi-player is that one person has to be in soul form and the other has to be alive. Also, it can be tough to play with someone that you want to play with. It’s all about putting up the summoning in the right spot at the right time. Also, pvp is interesting. If you’re alive, people can invade your game randomly. I found this both good and bad. If you play while online, you’ll have this happen. You can easily avoid it if you play without being connected to the internet. It just adds a bit more danger to and otherwise very dangerous place (if you’re alive).

Aiming with the bow in first person sucked a lot and left you really vulnerable. It’s almost useless, except for in a couple of spots, or for really long distance shots.


If you want a challenge, don’t mind getting your ass kicked, and want to feel good about your gaming accomplishments, then get Demon’s Souls. It’ll kick your ass, but you’ll feel good after. It’s a Greatest Hit now, so it’s only $30. Some might be put off by it, but only if you have zero patience.


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