Purchases for March 1st and 2nd, 2011: Pixel Junk Shooter 2 (PSN), Dead Space: Severed (PSN), Sonic The Hedgehog (PSN), Fallout NV Dead Money (Steam) and BIT.TRIP Runner (Steam)

This week, I purchased quite a few downloads. I haven’t tried many of them out yet. I’ve been busy with other things.

Being a PSN Plus member means that all of the classic Sega games they release will come to be for free. This is a good thing. Sonic The Hedgehog is obviously the first. It’s exactly like the original, other than you can earn trophies.

The other game I had a chance to try out was BIT.TRIP Runner. This game is as fantastic as BIT.TRIP Beat. You basically jump and slide to avoid obstacles. Basic. The music is awesome. I think I want to get my hands on a BIT.TRIP album is it exists. It’s on sale currently for $9.

Pixel Junk Shooter 2 ($9.99) and Dead Space: Severed ($6.99) will get a chance tonight. Fallout NV Dead Money ($9.99) will eventually get played, but I have little urge to play Fallout right now. It’ll be one of those things I turn on randomly down the road, when I have exhausted my other games.

On another note, the Crysis 2 demo came out on PC. I tried to play it, but I didn’t realize it was a MP demo. I really didn’t want to see what the MP was about. I honestly don’t care that much. I want to play the single-player and see how that fairs, considering that around 95% of the time I play by myself. Also, the fact that it says “Press Start” at the title screen is telling me they didn’t bother making a PC specific demo. What the hell is going on Crytek? What happened to you? The game better be fucking awesome when it’s released.


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