Purchases for Tuesday, February 22, 2011: Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 Helghast Edition (PS3)

On Tuesday, I picked up my pre-orders for these games and had a chance to sit down and play them both.

Bulletstorm has turned out to be what I expected: Awesome. I’ve played through about half of the single-player campaign so far, but haven’t tried the other stuff yet. I am playing through on Very Hard difficulty, and it’s challenging enough. The hardest thing is really just finding enough ammo. Luckily, you can buy stuff with skill points which included ammo, upgrades and new weapons (usually weapons you’ve picked up, so you can re-equip them later).

Killzone 3 is pretty good as well. I’m a bit disappointed with the move controls, so I’m sticking to the actually PS3 controller for this game. I’m playing through on Veteran and it’s pretty tough in some spots. I’ve only played it for maybe an hour or so, but I’ll be saving it for when I am done playing through Bulletstorm.

With the Helghast Edition bundle, it comes with the Helghast helmet, the Infiltrator action figure, an art book, and some DLC (making of video, dynamic PS3 theme, and some multiplayer extras). I like this collector’s edition a lot. Hopefully, someday I can get things arranged in my apartment and have some of this stuff displayed around my gaming center.


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