More Purchases For Friday, February 18, 2011: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (PS2) and the Playstation Move Sharp Shooter

Yesterday, I was at work and remembered that I had Kingdom Hearts put away on hold, so I picked it up. I’ve never played any of the Kingdom Hearts games. Now I feel I likely should try them out and see what all of the fuss is about.

The Playstation Move Sharp Shooter came out during the last week and it’s is one hell of an accessory for those who are playing shooters. The Move controller actually plugs into the gun and the gun becomes an actual extension of the controller. This will make Time Crisis Razing Storm much better, since it used the Move button to reload. With the guns that Magic and I purchased, you had to reach to the top of the gun to reload. Not this. The Move button is conveniently located beneath the trigger. I will review this product when I use it. I’ve heard good things so far though.


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